Babington - Howard Fleetwood - Army Medical Staff - died 22nd January 1899.
Babington - Lieutenant Walker - Royal Engineers - died 30th July 1898.
Sons of General John Henry Babington (see below).
Memorial at Northam church, Devon -
"In loving memory of our two brothers, eldest and fifth sons of the late Gen. J.H.M. Babington M.S.C. and of Mary his wife. Howard Fleetwood Babington Retired Army Medical Staff Born Aug 3rd 1854 Fell Asleep Jan 22nd 1899 at Dundee, S. Africa And of Walker Babington Lieut. Royal Engineers - Born April 19th 1869, Fell Asleep July 30th 1898 at Aden."

Babington - General John Henry - Madras Staff Corps - died 8th December 1887.
Grave at Northam cemetery, Devon -
"In loving memory of John Henry Melville Babington General Madras Staff Corps, Born July 31st 1816, Fell Asleep In Jesus Decr 8th 1887."

Babbington - Surgeon Richard - 18th Foot - died 25th November 1782
Memorial at Trinity Church, Jersey -
"To the memory of Richard Babbington Surgeon to the 18th Regt of Foot who died the 25th of November 1782 aged 25 years."

Backas - Lieutenant Conyngham Jours - 19th Foot - died 17th August 1861.
Grave at Meerut -
"Sacred to the memory of Conyngham Jours Backas Lieut Hr M. 1st Battn 19th Regiment, son of Robert Backas of Booterstown Castle County Waterford, who died of cholera at Meerut on the 17th August 1861. Aged 21 years."

Baddeley - Lieutenant Clinton - 47th Bengal Native Infantry - died 11th May 1852.
Son of Major-General William Clinton Baddeley, CB (Bengal Infantry). (below)
Grave at Jhelum -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut and acting adjutant Clinton Baddeley 47th Regt. Bengal N.I. who departed this life on the 11th May 1852 aged 25 years. Deeply regretted by all his brother officers by whom this monument is erected."

Baddeley - Major-General William Clinton, CB - died 19th December 1842.
Served Nepal 1814. Father of the above.
Grave at Karnal -
"Sacred to the memory of Major General W.C. Baddeley CB, who died at Kurnaul on the 19th December 1842 aged 58 years."

Baddeley - Lieutenant-Colonel W. - 49th Regiment - died 5th November 1886.
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"In memory of Lieutenant Colonel W.H.C. Baddeley late 49th Regiment. Died 5th November 1886."

Bagenal - Captain W.P. - 16th Lancers - died 25th November 1868.
Memorial at Bangalore -
"Sacred to the Memory of The Officers & N.C.Officers & Soldiers of the 16th (Queens) Lancers Who died while serving their country in the East Indies Between the Years 1865 and 1876. Capt W.P. Bagenal 25 November 1868 - C.A. Agnew 22 March 1873 - T. Dynon 31 March 1874 - Lieut A.C. Dobree 02 August 1867 - Asst Surg. R.D. Kemp 19 May 1872 - V. Surg. T.J. Richardson 18 June 1869."

Bagshaw - Lieutenant Frederick John Salmon - 36th Bengal Native Infantry - died 12th June 1857.
Served Sutlej 1846 (medal, wounded), Punjab 1849 (medal and 2 bars, wounded).
Grave at Jullundur -
"Frederick John Salmon Bagshaw Lieut. 36th regt N.I. born 16th August 1826. died 12th June 1857. The only son of the above and of Charlotte Isabelle de Clare his wife. born and died 9th June 1857."

Bagshaw - Captain Robert Morris - 2/17th Bengal Native Infantry - died 26th February 1807.
Grave at Karnal -
"Sacred to the memory of Capt. Ron. Morris Bagshaw II Bat. XVII Regt N.I. Nat. 2d Sept 1769. Ob 26 Feby 1807."

Bagshawe - Colonel Samuel - Indian Army - died 8th April 1807.
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"In loving memory of Samuel Laurence Bagshawe. Late Colonel Indian Army. Died April 8th 1906."

Baird - Lieutenant-Colonel James - Madras Artillery - died 5th July 1872.
Grave at Bellary Cantonment Cemetery, Bellary -
"Lieut-Col. James Smith Baird, Major Royal Madras Artillery. died 5 July 1872."

Baker - Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Durand, KCB - died 9th February 1893.
Son of Rev. John Durand Baker, MA. Born 23rd March 1837. Served Crimea (18th Foot - medal and bar), Indian Mutiny (medal), New Zealand 1864-66 (medal), Ashanti 1873 (medal, CB), Afghanistan 1879 (medal and 3 bars, KCB), South Africa 1881, Burma 1886. He died at Pau, South of France,19th February 1893.
Tablet in Christ Church, Simla -
"In remembrance of Sir Thomas Durand Baker, KCB, Lieut. General in Her Majesty's Army and Quarter Master General to the Forces. In India he held in succession the appointments of Military Secretary to the Viceroy, Adjutant General of the Army and Major General Commanding the Allahabad and Rawalpindi Districts, filling these high offices with credit to himself and advantage to the State. He possessed a brilliant record of War Services having distinguished himself in the Crimean Campaign 1854-55, the Indian Mutiny 1858, New Zealand War 1864-66, Ashanti War 1873-74, Afghan Campaign 1879-80, where he commanded a Brigade, and the Burmese Expedition of 1886-87. He was born on the 23rd March 1837 and died 9th February 1893. This memorial is erected as a mark of affection and esteem, by his brother officers."

Balders - Lieutenant William Henry - 16th Bengal Native Infantry - died 30th June 1838.
Grave at Rajpura Cemetery, Delhi -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant W.H. Balders, 16th Grenadiers, his brother officers, in testimony of regard, erect this tomb on return of their regiment from Affghanistan February 1843."

Baldwin - Lieutenant John - 22nd Foot - died 2nd January 1854.
Grave at Jamrud Road Cemetery, Peshawar -
"John Baldwin Esq Lieut. H.Ms 22nd Regt died at Peshawur 2nd Jan. 1854 aged 28 years & 10 months."

Balfour - Brevet Major Arthur Lowry - 32nd Foot - died 13th July 1850.
Son of Blayney Balfour, of Co. Louth. Born 3rd December 1809. Served Kaffir War 1834, Punjab 1848 (medal and 2 bars).
Grave in Fort Cemetery, Amritsar -
"Sacred to the memory of Brevet Major Balfour H.M. 32d regiment who died at Umritsar, 13th July 1850, aged 40 years."
Tablet in St. Luke's Church, Jullundur -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant H. Stewart of Her Majesty's 32nd regtiment, who died at Jullundur on the 2nd September 1849, aged 24 years, and 7 months. also In memory of Brevt Major A.L. Balfour, of the same corps, who died at Govindghur on the 13th July 1850 in the 41st year of his age, this tablet has been erected by their brother officers."

Balfour - Captain Guy Edward - 98th Infantry - died 5th September 1917.
Grave at Quetta -
"In loving memory of Captain Guy Edward Balfour. 98th Infantry I.A. Dearly loved son of Colonel J. Hume Balfour and Edith Alice Balfour, who died at Quetta 5th September 1917 after active service in France and East Africa."

Balfour - Surgeon John - 2/16th Bengal Native Infantry - died 20th May 1819.
Grave at Ludhiana -
"Sacred to the memory of John Balfour of Tarbetness, in Scotland, late Surgeon 2nd Battn 16th Regt Nat. Infy who departed this life on the 20th May AD 1819 in the forty fifth year of his age. erected by his friends in the corps as a tribute of their esteem and regret."

Balfour - Major Thomas H., MC - Royal Army Medical Corps - died 16th March 1920.
Grave at Quetta -
"To the memory of Bt Major Thomas H. Balfour, MC, RAMC. Born at Edinburgh 25 Jan. 1888. Died at Quetta 16 March 1920. Served with distinction in France 1914-1919."

Balmain - Lieutenant J.H.F. - Leicestershire Regt. - died 14th January 1889
Grave at Myingyan Cemetery, Burma -
"J.H.F. Balmain Lieut 17th The Leicestershire Regt. youngest son of Major-General J.G. Balmain, R.A. Born March 19th 1861. Died January 14th 1889."

Bannerman - Lieutenant-Colonel John Alexander - H.E.I.C.S. - died 8th August 1819
Son of Rev. David and Janet Bannerman. Born 5th August 1759. A Director of the HEIC 1806-16. Governor of Prince of Wales Island 1816. Married Anne West at Madras, 8th September 1789.
Grave at Penang -
"Here rest the mortal remains of John Alexander Bannerman Late Governor of this Island and Lieutenant Colonel in the service of The Hon'ble East India Company whom he faithfully served forty three years with unwearied zeal and spotless integrity. He died on the VIII of August MDCCCXIX aged LX years after a life passed in the benevolent and active exercise of every virtue becoming a christian and a soldier, universally respected and deeply deplored by an affectionate family."

Barber - Surgeon James - Bengal Medical Establishment - died 15th September 1859
Grave at Lahore -
"Sacred to the memory of James Barber Esquire Senior Surgeon Bengal Medical Establishment who departed this life on the 15th September 1859 aged 57 years and 5 months. Most deeply and sincerely regretted by his family and friends."

Bardin - Captain Arthur Henry, MC - ? - died 10th February 1922
Grave at Osu Cemetery, Accra, Ghana -
"Capt. Arthur Henry Bardin, MC born Dublin 20 Jul 1886, died Accra, 10 Feb 1922 aged 36."

Barker - Captain Collet - 39th Foot - murdered 30th April 1831
Memorial at St. James Church, Sydney, Australia - "
Sacred to the memory of Captain Collet Barker of His Majesty's 39th Regiment of Foot who was treacherously murdered by the Aboriginal natives on the 30th April 1831 while endeavouring in the performance of his duty to ascertain the communication between Lake Alexandrina and the Gulf of St Vincent on the south west coast of New Holland. In token of esteem for the singular worth and in affectionate remembrance of the many virtues of the deceased. This tablet is erected by Colonel Lindesay CB and his brother officers."

Barker - Lieutenant Edward Oliver - 96th Foot -
died 12th December 1851
Son of Richard Barker, of Croboy, Co. Meath. Born 30th December 1824. Served New Zealand 1846-7.
Grave at Lahore -
"Sacred to the memory of Edward (Oliver) Barker Lieut H.M. 96th Regt who died at Lahore on the 12th Decr 1851 aged 27 years. This tomb is created as a token of regard by his many sincere friends."

Barker - Colonel George Robert, KCB. - Royal Artillery - died 27th July 1861
Born 9th February 1815. Served Crimea 1854-5 (medal and 3 bars, CB, Legion of Honor, 4th class Medjidieh), Mutiny 1857 (medal and bar, KCB).
Grave at Simla -
"IHS. George Robert Barker K.C.B. Colonel Royal Artillery. Born 9th February 1815. Died 27th July 1861."

Barnard - Major-General Sir Henry, KCB - died 7th July 1857
Son of Rev. William Barnard, of Buckinghamshire. Born at Westbury, Oxfordshire in 1799. Served Crimea 1855-6 (medal and clasp, CB, Legion of Honor), Mutiny 1857. Died of cholera at Delhi.
Grave at Delhi -
"Beneath this cross are buried the mortal remains of Major General Sir Henry Barnard K.C.B. who died the VIIth July MDCCCLVII when in chief command of the troops besieging Delhie. This monument is erected to his memory by brother officers who served with him before Sebastopol."

Barnett - Surgeon-General Oliver, C.I.E. - died 24th July 1885.
Born 30th November 1830. Served Egypt 1882 (medal, khedives star, Order of Medjidie 3rd class), Sudan 1885.
Tablet in Christ Church, Simla -
"To the honoured memory of Oliver Barnett, C.I.E. Surgeon General in H.M. British Medical Service and Surgeon on the Staff to three successive Viceroys of India. (The Earl of Mayo, The Earl of Northbrook, The Earl of Lytton, 1868-1880). He died at Eastbourne, Sussex on the 24th July 1885. Aged 54 years, from the effects of illness contracted on field service in the Soudan. This tablet is erected by a few friends who were intimately associated with him during his career and who sincerely mourn his loss."

Barrow - Ensign Henry Clarges - 28th Madras Native Infantry - died 20th November 1826.
Born 4th October 1808. Son of Captain Charles Barrow (69th Foot) and Sarah.
Grave at Penang -
"Sacred to the memory of Ensign Henry Clarges Barrow 28th M.N.I. who departed this life 20th Novr 1826 aged 18."

Barrow - Colonel Seymour Duncan - 10th Bengal Lancers - died 12th December 1886.
Born on Norfolk Island, (the Pacific Ocean) 15th August 1845. Served Afghanistan 1879 (medal and bar) Egypt 1882 (medal and bar).
Tablet in Holy Trinity Church, Sialkot -
"In affectionate remembrance of Colonel Seymour Duncan Barrow of the 10th Bengal Lancers who died at sea 12th December 1886, aged 42 years, a very rising officer, a brave soldier, a firm friend and true comrade, a great loss to his country, his regiment, and a large circle of friends."

Barstow - Major-General John Anderson - Bengal Army - died 9th June 1863.
Born in Ipswich, Suffolk in 1796. Served at Bharatpur 1825 (medal). Afghanistan 1839 (medal, wounded).
Grave at Murree -
"In memory of John Anderson Barstow, Major General Her Majesty's Bengal Army who died at Murree the 9th day of June 1863. Aged 60 years. This tomb is erected by his relations as a mark of their love and regard."

Barton - Major Francis John Herbert - Corps of Guides - died 28th October 1902.
Born 30th May 1861. Served in the Black Mountains 1891 (medal and bar), Chitral 1895 (medal and bar), Tirah 1897 (2 bars). The official record states that he died on the 28th October.
Grave Mardan churchyard -
"In loving memory of Francis John Herbert Barton Major 'Q.O.' Corps of Guides Died at Mardan Oct. 30th 1902."

Barton - Lieutenant Ralph Edward - Royal Artillery - died 3rd November 1906.
Son of Colonel B.L. Barton, of Portsalon, Co. Donegal.
Tablet in Christ Church, Rawalpindi -
"In ever loving memory of Ralph Edward Barton, Lieutenant, 8th Mountain Battery, Royal Artillery, third son of Colonel B.L. Barton, ADC of Portsalon, County Donegal, Ireland, who died 3 Nov. 1906. Aged 24 yrs."

Barwell - Captain Arthur Ross - 9th Gurkha Rifles - Murdered 24th February 1898.
Son of Captain William Blunt Barwell (Bengal Staff Corps), he was born 30th July 1866 at Morar, Gwalior. He was attached to the 1/3rd Gurkha Rifles at Barkai, Lower Bara Valley when on the morning of 24th February 1898 he was shot dead by his servant. The servant was convicted of murder of hanged.
Grave at Peshawar -
"In loving memory of Arthur Ross Barwell Captain 9th Gurkha Rifles only son of Captain W.B. Barwell late I.S.C. Born 30th July 1866. Died 24th Febry 1898."

Barwell - Lieutenant Henry Montague - 59th Bengal Native Infantry - died 8th August 1837.
Grave at Shajehanpore -
"Sacred to the memory of Henry Montague Barwell, Lieut. in the 59th Regt. B.N.I. second son of E.R. Barwell, Esq. H.C.C. Service, who died 8th of August 1837, in the 26th year of his age."

Bathe - Captain Henry - 5th Fusiliers - died 20th January 1882."
Grave at St. Peter's Church, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Glos. -
"In memoriam. Henry Bathe, late Captain 5th Fusiliers. Died at Cheltenham Janry 20th 1882, Aged 42. Also Harriet, widow of the above, who died at Cheltenham Decr 20th 1884, Aged 45."

Battine - Major-General William, CB - Bengal Artillery - died 21st July 1851.
Born in Pembrokeshire, South Wales in 1786. CB in 1838.
Grave at Lahore -
"Sacred to the memory of Major General William Battine C.B. colonel in the Bengal regiment of artillery, and lately in command of the cis-Jhelum division of the Bengal army, this much respected and highly distinguished officer died at Lahore on the 21st day of July 1851 at the age of 64. regretted by all who had the privilege of knowing him and sincerely lamented by those who had ever enjoyed his friendship."

Baxter - Captain James - 68th Foot - died 28th February 1865.
Grave at St. Mark's Cemetery, Niagara, Canada -
"Capt. Jas. Baxter, late 68th Regt., and Royal Canadian Rifle Regt., died Feb. 28th, 1865, aged 67 years."

Bayly - Colonel Alexander Ross - Bengal Staff Corps - died 2nd January 1902.
Son of Lieutenant-Colonel William Bayly (8th Foot), of Drogheda, Ireland. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1831. Served in the Indian Mutiny 1857 (medal and 2 bars).
Grave at Rawalpindi -
"In memory of Colonel A.R. Bayly Bengal Staff Corps. Died at Rawal Pindi on 2nd January 1902 aged 70 years. They may rest from their labours."

Beale - Surgeon-Major Anthony - Bengal Army - died 25th October 1880.
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"Anthony Beale Surgeon Major Bengal Army Born November 24th 1817. Died October 25th 1880."

Beale - Captain Percy - 10th Foot - died 1902.
Memorial at St. Mark's Church, Niagara, Canada -
"In memory of Percy Beale, late Captain and Adjutant Her Majesty's 10th Foot, Lincolnshire Regt. Died at the bungalow, Niagara, 1902.

Beath - Lieutenant William - 1st Bn. Royal Regiment - died 24th February 1824.
Grave at St. Mary's Churchyard, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland -
"Erected to the memory of Lt. William Beath if the 1st Bn Royal Regiment, who died at Clonmel 24th February 1824, aged 30 years."

Beatson - Surgeon-General George Stewart, C.B., M.D. - died 7th June 1874.
Born 6th May 1814. Served Burma 1852 (medal and bar), Scutari 1855-6.
Grave at Simla -
"Surgeon General George Stewart Beatson, C.B., M.D. Army Medical Department. Died at Simla June 7th 1874. Aged 60 years. He rests from his labours. Erected by his brother officers."

Becher - Colonel Sullivan Edward - 2/2nd Gurkha Rifles - died 5th August 1887.
Grave at Dehra Dun -
"Colonel Sullivan Edward Becher Commandant 2nd Battalion 2nd POW Gurkhas. Died 5th August 1887."

Becher - Major-General Andrew Cracroft, C.B.E. - died 11th May 1929.
Grave at Northam cemetery, Devon -
"In very loving memory of Major Gen. Andrew Cracroft Becher C.B.E. Late of the Norfolk Regiment Born August 26th 1858, Died May 11th 1929."

Begge - Captain Henry L. - 66th Native Infantry - died 9th December 1844.
Grave at Burreesaul -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain Henry L. Begge, 66th N.I. son of J.W. Begge, Esq. Lindon house, Northumberland, who died at Burreesaul, 9th December 1844, aged 34 years."

Bellibivar - Major Charles Elphinstone - 7th Bombay Lancers - died 27th August 1902.
Grave at Quetta -
"Charles Elphinstone Bellibivar. Major, 7th Bombay Lancers. Son of the late Colonel C.S. Bellivibar, 1st Madras Lancers. Born 28th December 1861. Died 27th August 1902."

Bellingham - Major S.E. - Middlesex Regiment - died 5th November 1893.
Grave at Quetta -
"To the memory of Major S.E. Bellingham, 2nd Battalin DCO Middlesex Regiment, who died at Quetta 5th Nov 1893. Aged 40 years 7 months. Erected by his brother officers."

Bennett - Lieutenant-Colonel James - 62nd Regiment - died 31st March 1917.
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"In memory of Lieutenant-Colonel James Bennett (late 62nd and 3rd Wiltshire Regt) died March 31st 1917."

Bennett - Lieutenant William - 15th Hussars - died 29th September 1848.
Memorial at St. Mary's church, Farringdon, Oxon -
"In memory of William Bennett Lieutenant in Her Majesty's 15th Hussars second son of William Bennett of Faringdon House Esquire. Born January 8th 1826. Departed this life September 29th 1848 at Madras on his way to join his regiment then stationed at Bangalore. His mortal remains are deposited in the cemetery of St. Mary at Madras."

Bennett - Captain William Frind Charles Burlton - Warwickshire Regiment - died 26th August 1876.
Grave at St. Peter's Church, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Glos -
"In memory of William Frind Charles Burlton Bennett, Late Captain 6th Royal Warwickshire Regt. Died August 26th 1876, aged 42 years."

Benson - Major General Sir Frederick William, KCB - 21st Lancers - died 20th August 1916.
Memorialat St. Michael & All Angels, Combe Bissett, Wiltshire -
"In memory of Major General Sir Frederick William Benson KCB Colonel 21st (Empress of India's) Lancers Honorary Colonel 19th Lincoln Regiment (Canada) Honorary Colonel 106th Winnipeg Light Infantry Churchwarden of this parish Born 2nd August 1849 Died on duty in Canada 20th August 1916. Also of Caroline widow of the above who died 8th February 1924."

Benson - Major William - 4th Bengal Lancers - died 28th October 1848.
Born in Cumberland, son of Joseph Benson. Served at Bhurtpore. (medal and 2 bars).
Grave at Cawnpore -
"Sacred to the memory of Major W. Benson 4th Ben Lancers, who expired 28th October 1848, aged 43 years and 9 months. This tomb is erected by his brother officers as a mark of respect and esteem."

Bent - Colonel Hugh - Royal Artillery -died 28th October 1875.
Son of Colonel William Henry Bent (Royal Artillery). Served Turkey 1855 (Order of Medjidie 4th class).
Grave at Rawalpindi -
"Sacred to the memory of Colonel Hugh Bent Royal Artillery who died at Rawul Pindee on the 28th October 1875. Erected by the officers under his command."

Benwell - Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick William - 33rd Foot - died 30th January 1896.
Grave at St. Peter's Church, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Glos. -
"In loving memory of Lt. Col. Frederick William Benwell, Late an Adjutant of Militia, and formerly 33rd, 100th, and 66th Regts. Born 21st May 1834. Died 30th January 1896. Also in memory of Marian Frances, widow of the above, who died at Cheltenham on the 18th January 1923, aged 82 years."

Bernard - Major Arthur Adderley - 84th Foot - died 9th March 1861.
Grave at Garvagh Graveyard, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland -
"In memory of Arthur Adderley Bernard late Major 84th Regt and for 30 years a Magistrate for this county who departed this life 9th March 1861 aged 76 years. Also Margaret Anna his wife daughter of the late Neil McNeil Esq. of Faughart. She departed this life 30th March 1870 aged 84 years. Beloved and respected by all who knew her."

Berrie - Captain W. - 2/24th Native Infantry - died 2nd November 1820.
Grave at Vizianagram -
"Sacred to the memory of the late Captain W. Berrie of the 2nd Battalion 24th Regiment N.I. who died at this station on the 2nd of November 1820 aged 34 years."

Berthon - Major-General John Frederick - Bombay Staff Corps - died 14th August 1894.
Memorial at St. Isan's, Llanishen, Wales -
"In loving memory of John Frederick Berthon, Major General Bombay Staff Corps. Born April 16th 1824.  Fell asleep August 14th 1894."

Biggs - Major-General J.A. - Bengal Artillery -
died 12th July 1844.
Memorial in St. Stephen's Church, Dum Dum -
"In memory of Major General J.A. Biggs, Bengal Artillery who, after serving his country for forty years, died at Cawnpore July 12th 1844, aged 57 years."

Bignell - Lieutenant Hugh Glennie - 36th Sikhs - died 20th April 1907.
Grave at Rawalpindi -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant Hugh Glennie Bignell 36th Sikhs. Rawalpindi 20 Apr 1907. Aged 24."
Tablet in Christchurch, Rawalindi - "Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant H.G. Bignell, XXXVIth Sikhs, who died at Rawalpindi on 29 Apr. 1907. This tablet is erected by his brother officers."

Birch - Lieutenant George - 60th Bengal Native Infantry - died 15th January 1855.
Born in Stanton, Wiltshire, 26th June 1823. Committed suicide.
Grave at Rajpura cemetery, Delhi -
"Sacred to the memory of George Birch 60th Regt N.I. and Tenelba his wife who departed this life on the 15th Jany. 1855 and are both buried here in one grave.

Birkett - Lieutenant John - 1/79th Native Infantry - died 3rd April 1815.
Grave at Bellary Cantonment Cemetery, Bellary -  "Lieut. John Birkett, of the 1st Batt., 7th Regt., N.I. died 3rd April 1815. This monument was erected by his brother officers."

Birtwhistle - Major-General John - 39th Light Infantry - died 6th October 1867.
Carried the Regimental Colour of the 32nd Foot at Waterloo (as an Ensign).
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"Sacred to the memory of Major General John Birtwhistle. Late of HM 39th Light Infantry who died October 6th 1867 aged 75."

Birtwhistle -Captain William Aird - 32nd Foot - died 11th October 1856.
Memorial at Holy Trinity church, Skipton, Yorkshire -
"Sacred to the memory of Capt. William Aird Birtwhistle of the 32nd or Cornwall Regiment of Light Infantry who died at Kussowlie in India on the 11th October 1856 deeply regretted by the Regiment. This tablet has been erected by his brother officers as a token of esteem for a friend and comrade. The above was 2nd son of John and M.M. Birtwhistle."

Bishop - Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Pidding - 27th Bengal Native Infantry - died 26th September 1833.
Served Nepal 1814, Mahratta-Pindari war 1817.
Grave at Hansi cemetery -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut Colonel S.P. Bishop, Late commanding 27th Regiment N.I. Who departed this life on the 26th Septr 1833. Aged 51 years. This monument is erected by the officers of his Corps as a slight tribute of respect and esteem."

Black - Lieutenant Charles - 17th Bengal Native Infantry - died 1st November 1838.
Grave at Ludhiana -
"Sacred to the memory of Chas Black Lieut 17th Regt N.I. who died on the 1st November 1838 aged 29 years. This tomb was erected by his brother officers of the Regiment."

Black - Lieutenant-General Samuel, C.S.I. - died 9th May 1893.
Born near Sheffield, Yorkshire 7th March 1828. Served Punjab 1848 (medal), Mutiny 1857 (medal). Died at sea, off Gibraltar.
Tablet at Lahore Cathedral -
"To the glory of God and in loving memory of Lt. General Samuel Black, CSI (for many years Military Secretary to the Punjab Government, and afterwards Governor Aitchison Chief's College Lahore) who departed this life on May 9th 1893. Erected by his widow."

Black - Major Spencer - Royal Army Veterinary Corps -died 16th March 1922.
Grave at Peshawar -
"To the glory of God and in loving and honoured memory of Spencer Black, Major Royal Army Veterinary Corps. Killed in a riding accident at Nowshera, Northern India. 16th March 1922. Aged 38 years. Fourth son of the late Gibson Black, of Blackheath, Clontare, County Dublin, Ireland."

Black - Lieutenant William Pasley Robinson - 2/12th Pioneers - died 22nd December 1921.
Grave at Peshawar -
"In loving memory of William Pasley Robinson Black. Lieutenant 2/12th Pioneers. Died Peshawar British Station Hospital 22nd December 1921."

Blacker - Lieutenant-Colonel Valentine, CB - Light Cavalry - died 4th February 1826.
Grave at Calcutta -
"Beneath are deposited the remains of Lieut-Colonel Valentine Blacker, Comapanion of the Bath, of the Light Cavalry on the establishment of Fort Saint George. During ten years, Quarter Master General of the Madras Army, and subsequently Surveyor General of India. Obit. iv. February MDCCCXXVI. Aet. xl. Lieutenant-Colonel Blacker was an Officer distinguished alike for professional ability, for public zeal, for private worth, and for manliness of character. In testimony thereof his friends and comrades have caused this monument to be erected to his memory."

Blagge - Colonel Thomas - Guards Regiment - died 14th November 1660.
Aged 47.
Memorial at Westminster Abbey -
"Thomas Blagge, Esquire, of an ancient and noble family in the county of Suffolk; a gentleman, who, to the rarest accomplishments of mind and body, added to the sciences, and every civil and military virtue. As he was beloved by Charles I and II, of whose bedchamber he was, he preserved an unshaken fidelity to them, and performed many important services; especially when Governor of Wallingford Castle, which, after almost all of the rest had submitted, he defended so valiantly, that, when he marched out of it, it was by his Majesty's own command giving also afterwards a singular pattern of steady loyalty, in his sufferings for the royal cause, by exile abroad and frequent imprisonment at home. For these deserts, he was, at the king's restoration, made a colonel in the guards, and Governor of Yarmouth and Landguard Fort. Further preferments were designed for him, of which death deprived him; with the generous satisfaction, however, of having in prosperity that master to whom he had so faithfully adhered to in adversity."

Blair - Captain Arthur K. - 36th Sikhs - died 29th July 1900.
Grave at Rawalpindi -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain Arthur K. Blair, 36th Sikhs, who died of cholera while on famine duty at Myani Satara 29th July 1900. This tablet is erected by his brother officers."

Blair - Colonel Charles Devignes, CB - 10th Bengal Light Cavalry - died 27th September 1860.
Served Bhurtpore 1825 (medal), Afghanistan 1842 (medal and CB), Maharajpoor 1843 (star), Punjab 1848.
Grave at Simla -
"Sacred to the memory of Colonel C.D. Blair CB Invalid Establishment and formerly of the 10th Bengal Light Cavalry who died at Simlah 27th Septer 1860."

Blair - 2nd Lieutenant Walter Crighton - Suffolk Regiment - died 27th August 1889.
Born 25th July 1867. Served Hazara 1888 (medal and bar).
Tablet at Lahore Cathedral -
"To the glory of God and to the memory of the follwing Officers of the 24th Punjab Infantry who died or were killed in action between the years 1889 and 1895. 2nd Lieutenant W.C. Blair 'The Suffolk Regiment' attached to 24th Punjab Infantry, died at Sialkote on 27th August 1889 aged 22 years."

Blake - Lieutenant Erroll Blake - Bengal Artillery - died 3rd September 1827.
Son of Colonel Henry James Blake, Galway Militia. Born 8th November 1803. Served in Burma 1825.
Grave at Karnal -
"This monument the tribute of esteem was erected by his brother officers to the memory of Erroll Blake Lieut. in the Bengal Regt of Artillery. Brother to Lord Wallscourt Obiit 3rd Septr AD 1827 Act at 23 years 10 months."

Blakeney - Major Henry Persse - 66th Foot - died 7th January 1823.
Grave at St. Peter's Church, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Glos -
"To the memory of Major Henry Persse Blakeney of His Majesty's 66th Reg. of Foot. who died at Cheltenham 7 day of January 1823 in the 34th year of his age."

Blane - Captain George Rodney - Bengal Engineers - died 18th May 1821.
Son of Sir Gilbert Blane, MD, of Blanefield, Ayr. Born 1791. Served Nepal 1814.
Grave at Ludhiana -
"Sacred to the memory of George Rodney Blane Captain in the Bengal Engineers who died 18th May 1821 aged 30 years. He was beloved by many sincere friends, esteemed by all who knew him & his death excited universal regret."

Bligh - Captain John Thomas - 61st Foot - died 21st October 1847.
Grave at Kasauli -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain John Bligh H.M. 61st Regiment who died at Kussowlie on the 21st October 1847. This tomb was erected by his brother officers as a mark of their esteem."

Blomfield - Lieutenant Charles Robert - 56th Bengal Native Infantry - died 15th May 1848.
Grave at Ludhiana -
"Sacred to the memory of Charles Robert Blomfield Lieutenant 56th Regt N.I. who died at Loodianah on the 15th May 1848 aged 23 years. Sincerely and deeply regretted by his brother officers & the men of his Regiment. This tomb is erected by his brother officers."

Blundell - Captain Francis - 11th Light Dragoons - died 21st December 1865.
Grave at St. Michael's Church Cemetey, New Zealand -
"Francis H. Blundell late Capt. H.M. 11th Light Dragoons died 21st Dec. 1865 aged 66 yrs."

Blundell - Major William - 11th Light Dragoons - died 12th November 1834.
Grave at Landour -
"Sacred to the memory of Major William Blundell, Eleventh Dragoons, who was killed by falling from his Ghoout on the 12th Nov. 1834, aged 54 years."

Bodkin - Captain Denis - 67th Foot - died 7th October 1807.
Grave at Calcutta -
"Sacred to the memory of Capt. Denis Bodkin, of H.M. 67th Regt. Light Infantry, who departed this life on the 7th Oct. 1807, aged 26 years. This monument, a tribute of esteem and affection, was erected by his brother officers."

Boileau - Major-General Neil Edmonstone - Bengal Staff Corps - died 22nd December 1895.
Born at Gorey, Co. Galway, 8th April 1827. Served Sutlej 1845 (medal), Burma 1852 (medal).
Grave at Murree -
"Neil Edmonstone Boileau Major Genl. Bengal Staff Corps Born April 8th 1827. Died December 22nd 1895."

Boles - Colonel Burnaby - H.E.I.C.S. - died 30th September 1809.
Memorial at St. Mary the Virgin, Speen, Berkshire -
"Sacred to the memory of Colonel Burnaby Boles of the Honable East India Company's Service who departed this life the 30th September 1809 aged 53 years."

Bolton - Lieutenant-Colonel Abraham - 5th Dragoon Guards - died 20th March 1857.
Son of Lyndon Bolton. Married Eliza Fanny Shubrick, daughter of Charles Shubrick (Bombay Civil Service)
Memorial at Christ Church, Cheltenham -
"Dedicated to the memory of Abraham Bolton Esq. Lieut Colonel, late of the 5th Dragoon Guards, who departed this life on the 20th Mar. 1857 aged 52, as a testimony of affection and high appreciation of his merits and Christian virtues by his afflicted mother-in-law, Eliza Matilda, widow of Charles Shubrick Esq, of the Bombay Civil Service."

Bolton - Ensign John Campbell - 2nd Bengal Light Cavalry -
died 8th December 1852.
Born in Islay, Argyllshire February 1798. Served at Bharatpur 1825 (medal), Ghazni 1838 (medal), Punniar 1843 (star), Punjab 1848 (medal and bar). He claimed to have served in the Russian Imperial Army 1812-22.
Grave at Amballa cemetery -
"Sacred to the memory of John Campbell Bolton Ensign and Riding Master 2nd Regt Light Cavalry. who departed this life on the 8th December 1852 aged 54 years. sincerely regretted by all who knew him."

Bontein - Captain James - 1st Light Cavalry - died 24th October 1828.
Grave at Calcutta -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain James Bontein of the 1st Regt. Light Cavalry, who died on the 24th October 1828, aged 38 years. Never man died more regretted by his brother officers."

Borrodaile - Lieutenant George - 49th Native Infantry - died 8th January 1835.
Grave at Calcutta -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut. George Borrodaile of the 49th Regt. N.I. Brigade Major at Barrackpore, died 8th January 1835, aged 29 years."

Boughey - Major Anchitel Fenton Macdonald Dawson - 81st Foot - died 8th April 1856.
Son of Sir John Fenton Boughey, of Staffordshire. Born 4rg December 1819.
Grave at Lahore -
"In memory of Major A.F.M.D. Boughey H.M. 81st Regt who died on the 8th April 1856 aged 36 years."

Boulderson - Colonel John Carne - 35th Madras Native Infantry - died 10th April 1869.
Memorial in St. Judes Church, Portsmouth -
"Colonel John Carne Boulderson of the County of Cornwall, late 35th Regt Madras Native Infantry Deputy Judge Advocate General of the Army and of the Combined Forces during the war in Burmah Commissioner of Police at Madras served 38 years in India, died at Southsea 10th April 1869 aged 63 years. This tablet is erected in grateful remembrance by his only daughter."

Bourke - Lieutenant Theophilus John - 31st Foot - died 19th December 1843.
Served Afghanistan 1842 (medal). Grave at Ambala -
"Sacred to the memory of Theophilus John Bourke late Lieutenant in Hr Ms 31st Foot who departed this life the 19th Decr 1843 aged 29 years. This tomb is erected by his brother officers to mark their esteem."

Bowes - Major-General Frederick - HEICS - died 15th March 1842.
Grave at the Protestant Cemetery, Rome, Italy -
"Sacred To the memory of Major General Frederick Bowes Honble E.I.C.S who died in Rome March 15th 1842 Aged 56 years."

Bowles - Major Henry Cator - Rifle Brigade - died 13th December 1890.
Memorial at Northam church, Devon -
"In memory of Major Henry Cator Bowles Rifle Brigade who died at Jullunder, Bengal where he was serving with his Battalion 13th Dec. 1890 Aged 39 years. Only Son of Lt. Col. H.O. Bowles of St. Helens, Grandson of G.O. Bowles, late of North Aston, Oxon."

Bowring - Captain John Bellasis - Indian Staff Corps - murdered 20th September 1904.
Born 10th November 1872. Served Waziristan 1894 (medal and bar), Tirah 1897 (medal and 3 bars).
Grave at New Cemetery, Dera Ismail Khan -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain John Bellasis Bowring. Dearly beloved son of Lewin Bowring C.S.I. and Katharine his wife, assassinated at Sarwakai on September 20th 1904. Aged 31 R.I.P."
Tablet in St. Thomas' Church, Dera Ismail Khan - "In memory of Captain John Bellasis Bowring of the Indian Army and Punjab Commission, who while serving as Political Agent, Wano, was murdered by a fanatic at Sarwakai on the 21st September 1904. This tablet is erected by his brother officers as a token of their affection and esteem."

Boycott - Captain Thomas - Fencible Regiment - died 24th April 1856
Memorial at St. Alkmund's Church, Whitchurch, Shropshire -
"Thomas Boycott Esquire of Rudge Shipley & Boycott Co. Salop and formerly of Hinton in this parish Born 8th June 1771 Died 24th April 1856 He served as a Captain in the ancient British Fencible Regt during the Irish Rebellion and was dangerously wounded June 4th 1798. He was afterwards Lieut Col of the Whitchurch Volunteers till disbanded in 1814."

Boyd - Major-General Hugh - Bengal Army - died 24th December 1876.
Ensign Hugh Boyd, 62nd Native Infantry) served at Bhurtpore 1826 (medal and bar).
Memorial at Ballycastle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland -
"In memory of Major General Hugh Boyd. Who died 24th December 1876 aged 76 years. General Boyd (of the Late Bengal Army) served with his regiment and on the General Staff throughout India for a uninterrupted term of 32 years from January 1824, a period of India's history as eventful in military successes and glory as any preceding it, returning to India after a short furlough in 1856. He closed his military career commanding a brigade throughout the memorable Sepoy Mutiny of 1857-58."

Brabazon - Lieutenant G.G. - Royal Fusiliers - died 1851.
Grave at Stoney Creek, Canada -
"In memory of Lieut. G.G. Brabazon, late of Her Majesty's Royal Fusiliers, died 1851, aged 29."

Brabazon - Captain Henry Lambert - Bombay Artillery -
died 22nd May 1842.
Grave at Singapore -
"Sacred to the memory of Henry Lambert Brabazon Esquire, A Brevet Captain in the Bombay Artillery . The only son of Captain Willaim Brabazon, many years the Hon'ble E.I. Compy's Master Attendant at St. Helena, who died on this island where he came for change of climate on the 22nd of May 1842 aged 31 years."

Bracken - Captain John - 29th Bengal Native Infantry - died 10th November 1850.
Grave at Simla -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain John Bracken 29th regiment N.I. officiating Deputy Adjutant General of the Army. Who died at Simla on the 10th November 1850, aged 46 years. This tomb is erected by his friends and brother officers."

Bradshaw - Assistant-Surgeon William, VC - 32nd Light Infantry - died 9th March 1861.
Born in Thurles 12 February 1830. Son of Dr. George Bradshaw.
St. Mary's Church, Thurles -
"Sacred to the memory of William Bradshaw, V.C., late Assistant Surgeon 32nd Light Infantry, who died on the 9th of March 1861. He served with the 50th Regt. at -the siege and fall of Sebastapol from 8 Nov 1854 (Medal, Clasp and Turkish Medal) and with the 90th Light Infantry during the Indian Campaign of 1857 and '58. Was present with Havelock's Column at the actions of the 21st and 23rd Sept (was wounded at the latter) Relief and subsequent defence of Lucknow, defence of the Alumbragh under Outram, and fall of Lucknow (Medal, Clasp and Victoria Cross)".

Bradstreet - Major Charles Robert - Carnatic European Veterans Battalion - died 26th April 1839.
Had served with the 37th Madras Native Infantry. Husband of Anne Bradstreet.
Grave at Vizagapatam -
"Sacred to the memory of Charles Robert Bradstreet Major in the Carnatic Eur. Vetn. Battalion who departed this life on the 26th April 1839 aged 39 yrs."

Braine - Major O.W. - Bombay Staff Corps - died 15th October 1882.
Grave at Lytton Road Cemetery, Quetta -
"Major O.W. Braine. Bombay Staff Corps. Died 15 Oct. 1882."

Braithwaite - Assistant Commissary-General Frederick - died 1st February 1891.
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire - "Frederick Braithwaite. Assistant Commissary General. who died February 1st 1891. Aged 87 years."

Brasyer - Colonel Jeremiah, CB - HEICS - died 15th March 1897.
Memorial at at Southfleet church, Kent -
"Colonel Jeremiah Brasyer, Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath died 15.3.1897 aged 86. This distinguished officer was born in this Parish and at the aged of 22 years enlisted as a private soldier in the Honourable East India Company's service. He served in the Sikh War 1845 and was promoted Sergeant Major at Ferozeshah for his gallantry, at the Battle of Sobraon he obtained the rank of Ensign. Subsequently raised and commanded the Regiment of Brasyer's Sikhs which distinguished itself under his command during the Indian Mutiny. Col. Brasyer was the recipient of the following decorations - Order of the Bath, Sutley War Medal with Sabraon and Ferozeshah clasps, Indian Mutiny Medal with Lucknow clasps. Cabul Medal, Abysinia Medal. His services will ever be remembered by his country. This tomb is erected as a mark of respect and affection by his friend Capt. T.A. Andrus."

Brett - Ensign Francis Augustus - 43rd Madras Native Infantry - died 3rd December 1855.
Grave at Vizagapatam -
"Sacred to the memory of Ensign F. Augustus Brett 43rd M.N.I. who died at Waltair on the 3rd day of Decr. 1855 aged 25 years."

Brett - Major William Thomson - European Veterans Battalion - died 26th February 1857.
Grave at Vizagapatam -
"Sacred to the memory of Major W.T. Brett of the Eurn. Vetrs. who died at Waltair on the 26th Febry. 1857 aged 67 years."

Briard - 2nd Lieutenant John Fortescue - 1/35th Sikhs - died 15th October 1919.
Grave at Peshawar -
"John Fortescue Briard. Second Lieutenant 1/35th Sikhs. Died after an operation in the British Military Hospital Peshawar 15th October 1919. Aged 19 years."

Brickdale - Lieutenant John Fortescue - 61st Foot - died 13th December 1846.
Son of John Fortescue Brickdale, of Gloucestershire. Born October 1823. Died from injuries after a fall from his horse.
Grave at Ambala -
"Sacred to the memory of Lt. & Adjt. J.F. Brickdale H.Ms 61st Regt who departed this life on the 13th Decr 1846 Aged 23 years & 2 months deeply regretted by his brother officers."

Bridge - Major Lionel - Royal Artillery - died 21st August 1866.
Memorial at Holy Trinity Church, Bangalore -
"Lionel Bridge, Captain and Brevet-Major Royal Artillery, died at sea on his homeward passage from Madras 21 August, 1866 Age 38 He entered the Madras Artillery in 1845 served with the Ungool Field Force 1848, with the Second Expedition to Burmah 1852 and in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny 1857-8, for his services at the relief of Lucknow he received a Brevet Majority."

Briggs - Colonel John Falconer - 28th Foot - died 27th March 1850.
Memorial at Largo church, East Fife -
"In memory of Col. John Falconer Briggs K.H of Strathairly and Over Carnbee who died lamented on the 27th of March 1850 aged 61 years. He entered early in the service of his country in H.M 28th foot and fought under her banners at Copenhagan, Sweden and Holland, and nearly all the glorious action of the Peninsular war, won the esteem of his companions in arms, and distinguished share in the rewards assigned to valour by a greatfull country. This monument was erected by his sorrowing widow and children to record their love for an affectionate husband, a fond father, a sincere Christian, a true patriot and a gallant soldier. Also Margaret his wife, daughter of Col. Patrick Walker, Madras Cavelry. she was born 4th Dec 1800 and died 26th May 1876."

Briggs - Lieutenant William - 20th Bengal Native Infantry - died 1827.
Briggs - Major James - 50th Foot - died 3rd April 1855.
Memorial at Largo church, East Fife -
"In memory of Lieut. William Briggs, interpreter and quartermaster, 20th Regt Bengal Native Infantry, much esteemed and deeply regreted by his brother officers, who erected this tablet to his memory at Moorshedabab where he died in 1827. Also of Major James Briggs K.H. who served in the 9th, 23rd and 50th Regiments and was severly wounded at the seige of Bergen-op-zoom and died 3.4.1855. This memorial was erected as a tribute of affection by their surviving brother David Briggs, commnder R.N."

Briscoe - Major-General Horton - Bengal Army - died 25th December 1802.
Grave at Calcutta -
"Sacred to the memory of Horton Briscoe, Major General on the Bengal Establishment, who departed this life the 25th day of December 1802 aged 61 years. This meritorious officer during a period of 40 years unremitted service, distinguished himself by his attachment to his profession, ever zealous in the discharge of its duties, fulfiling them with fidelity and integrity to the State."

Briscoe - Lieutenant John J. - Bengal Artillery - died 2nd November 1792.
Grave at Calcutta -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut John J. Briscoe, of the Bengal Artillery, who departed this life November 2d 1792. Aged XXVII years."

Brooks - Lieutenant William B. - Carnatic European Veterans Battalion - died 7th March 1842.
Grave at Vizagapatam -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut. W. Brookes C.E.V.B. and Depy. Asst. Comy. of Ordinance who departed this life at Vizianagram on the 7th March 1842 aged 58 years 8 months & 28 days, this monument is erected by his deeply afflicted widow as a mournful testiment of her unalterable affection."

Broome - Colonel John Howard - 2nd Punjab Cavalry - died 11th August 1887.
Born at Fort William, Calcutta, 30th October 1842. Served Jowaki 1877 (medal and clasp), Afghanistan 1878-9 (medal and clasp, wounded).
Grave at Bannu -
"Sacred to the memory of Colonel John Howard Broome 2nd Punjab Cavalry second son of the late Major General Arthur Broome Royal Bengal Artillery who died at Edwardesabad on the 11th August 1887 aged 44 years."
Tablet in St. George's Church, Bannu -
"In affectionate remembrance of Colonel John Howard Broome 2nd in Command of the 2nd Punjab Cavalry who, after 20 years service with that Regiment during which he displayed, gallantry in the field that gave promise of a future career of distinction and honour died of cholera at Edwardesabad on the 11th August 1887 aged 44 years this tablet is erected by his brother officers."

Brooschooft - Lieutenant William Edward - 35th Madras Native Infantry - died 1st March 1830.
Born 16th October 1803, son of Bernard Emanual Brooschooft. Married Charlotte Toller at Bangalore, 6th December 1824. He drowned while bathing at Battu Feringee waterfall.
Grave at Penang -
"Lieutenant William Edward Brooschooft serving with the 35th Regiment Madras Native Infantry Died 1 March 1830. Aged 27. Erected by his fellow officers."

Broughton - Captain William - Royal Navy - died 17th August 1849.
Memorial in Royal Garrison Church, Portsmouth -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain William Broughton who died at Tenby after a short illness on the 17th August 1849 aged 44 years leaving a widow and 6 daughters to deplore his loss. He was the eldest son of Capt W.R. Broughton CB (who circumnavigated the world with Vancouver) and was an officer highly distinguished in his profession for his services in the Burmese War and for a gallant skillfully conducted and successful action fought by him in command of HMS Primrose with the Spanish slave ship Veloz Passagera of greatly superior force on which occasion Capt Broughton was severely wounded. He subsequently served in command of HM Ships Pearl, Samarang, President and Curacoa. In private life his amiable and generous disposition gained him the esteem of all who knew him."

Brown - Lieutenant-Colonel H.R. - 87th Foot - died 5th June 1825.
Grave at Calcutta -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut-Col. H.R. Brown, H.M. 87th Regt. who departed this life on the 5th June 1825, aged 39 years. This tomb is erected by his brother officers as a sincere token of their esteem for his memory and deep regret at his loss."

Brown - Lieutenant-Colonel James - 43rd Foot - died 6th November 1856.
Grave at Bellary Cantonment Cemetery, Bellary -
"James Brown, Lieut-Colonel, H.M.’s 43rd Regt. and Brigadier Commanding Bellary, died 6 Nov. 1856 aged 59 years."

Brown - Captain James - 55th Foot - died 12th May 1825.
Grave at Inveresk Kirkyard, Scotland -
"To the memory of Captain James Brown, late of the 55th Reg. of Foot, who departed this life, May 12, 1825, aged 65 years."

Brown - Lieutenant-Colonel James Andrew - 82nd Punjabis - died 19th July 1903.
Born 22nd July 1858. Served Hazara 1891 (medal and bar), Chitral 1895 (medal and bar) Mohmand 1897 (bar).
Grave at Abbottabad -
"Here rest the mortal remains of Lieut. Colonel James Andrew Brown lately of the 37th Dogras, who died of cholera at Harripur on the 19th July 1903 whilst recruiting men for the 82nd Punjabis of which regiment he had been appointed commandant. aged 45 years."

Brown - General Sir Samuel James, V.C., G.C.B., K.C.S.I. - died 14th March 1901.
Son of Surgeon John Browne (Bengal Medical Service). Born at Barrackpore, 3rd October 1824. Served Bozdar Expedition 1857 (medal and bar), Mutiny 1857 (medal and bar, V.C.), KCSI 1876, Afghanistan 1878 (medal and bar, KCB), GCB 1891.Died at Ryde, Isle of Wight.
Tablet at Lahore Cathedral -
"To the glory of God and in perpetual memory of General Sir Samuel James Browne, V.C., G.C.B., K.C.S.I. a distinguished soldier of the Indian Army, this tablet is erected by friends who loved and comrades who trusted him. Born 3rd Oct. 1824. Died 14th Mar. 1901. With 46th Bengal Native Infantry at Ramnuggar, Sadoolapore, Chillianwalla, Gujerat. With 2nd Punjab Cavalry on North-West Frontier, 1852-1857, at Lucknow 1858. Koorsi Rooyah, Aligange, Sirpoora. Commanded Peshawar Field Force 1878-1879, Ali Musjid 1878."

Brown - Lieutenant William - 13th Light Dragoons - died 4th October 1822.
Grave at Agram Cemetery, Bangalore -
"Beneath a tomb close to this pillar rest the mortal remains of Lieut. Wm. Brown, H.M. 13th Dragoons, who died on 4th October, 1822, aged 24 years; The Tomb and this Memorial of their loss is erected by his sorrowing brother officers."

Browne - Colonel Birnie - Bengal Artillery - died 30th October 1855.
Grave at Taikal Cemetery, Peshawar -
"Sacred to the memory of Colonel Birnie Browne, of the Bengal Artillery, who died at Peshawur on the 30th of October 1855, aged 59. regretted by his brother officers by whom this monument was erected."

Browne - Major-General Charles Alfred - Indian Army - died 14th February 1866.
Born 1803, son of Katherine and William Loder Browne, of Kennington. After serving as a Midshipman in the Royal Navy, he became a Cadet at the East India Company's Military College, Addiscombe. Joined the 12th Madras Native Infantry and was Adjutant in 1824. In 1836 married Elizabeth Ormsby. In 1862, he was Major-General, commanding the Hyderabad Contingent at Nagpore. In 1863 he was head of Northern command in Secunderabad. He left India in 1864.
Grave at Episcopal Chapel, Oxford -
"Here lies the body of a faithful soldier and servant of Christ Charles Alfred Browne, A Major General in HM Indian Army, who was suddenly called from this world, the 14 day of Feb. 1866."

Browne - Colonel C.M. - 12th Bombay Native Infantry - died 24th January 1900.
Grave at Northam cemetery, Devon -
"In loving memory of C.M. Browne, Late Col. 12th Bo. I. who died Jan. 24th 1900 Aged 58 Also of his wife Sarah Josephine Browne, Born 26th Dec. 1849, Died 26th March 1905."

Browne - Captain N. - 41st Foot - died 17th February 1827.
Grave at Bellary Cantonment Cemetery, Bellary -
"Captain N. Browne, H.M.’s 41st Regiment, died 17th Febry 1827, aged 39 years."

Browne - Lieutenant William Seton - 6th Punjab Infantry - died 20th July 1893.
Born in London, 1st January 1866. Served Miranzai 1891 (medal and bar).
Grave at Parachinar, Kurram Valley -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut. William Seton Browne Adjutant 6th Punjab Infantry who died at Camp Malana, Kurram on the 20th July 1893 aged 27 years 6 months. Erected by the officers of his Regiment."

Brownlow - Colonel Edward - Scots Fusilier Guards - died 17th January 1899.
Grave at the Protestant Cemetery, Rome, Italy -
"To the beloved memory of Edward Brownlow, late Scots Fusilier Guards, and Colonel Armagh Militia. younger son of the first Baron Lurgan. Born Decr 14th 1836, died Janry 17th 1899."

Bruere - Lieutenant Charles Anthony Sadlier Bruere - Madras Artillery - died 7th January 1833.
Born 24th February 1811, son of William Sadlier and Harriet Bruere.
Grave at Penang -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut Chas Anthony Sadlier Bruere of the Madras Artillery OB. 7th January MDCCCXXXIII. Aetat 23."

Bruere - Lieutenant John Robert James - 49th Bengal Native Infantry - died 10th October 1856.
Son of Captain John Elphinstone Bruere (13th N.I.). Born at Bareilly in 1832.
Grave at Lahore -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant J.R.J. Bruere 49th regiment N.I. who died at Meean Meer on the 10th of October 1856 aged 24 years deeply regretted by his brother officers by whom this tablet is erected."

Bryant - Quartmaster John - 36th Foot - died 1st December 1871.
Grave at Rawalpindi -
"Erected by his brother officers to the memory of John Bryant, Quartermaster 36th Foot, who died at Rawalpindi 1st December 1871. Aged 41 years. Deeply regretted by all ranks of the regiment in which he had served 25 years."

Bryce - Lieutenant William - Madras Fusiliers - died 14th October 1852.
Memorial at Aberdour Wester Cemetery, Fife -
"In memory of Jemima Bryce, youngest daughter of the Rev William Bryce D.D minister of Aberdour. died 16.12.1836 aged 8y, 2nd son William, Lt. Madras Fusiliers died Calcutta 14.10.1852 aged 22y."

Budd - General Richard - Madras Army - died 22nd January 1885.
Grave at St. Peter's Church, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Glos. -
"Sacred to the memory of General Richard Budd, of the Madras Army, who died at Belfont, Cheltenham, Jany 22nd 1885, in his 90th year."

Bulkley - Captain E.B.M. - The Kings Regt. - died 17th November 1916.
Grave at Peshawar -
"Captain E.B.M. Buclkley, 2nd Battalion 8th The Kings Regiment who died at Peshawar of disease contacted during the Mohmand blockade 17th November 1916. Aged 30 years."

Buller - Colonel Henry George - 94th Foot - died 25th September 1867.
Grave at Cashmere Gate cemetery, Delhi -
"Sacred to the memory of Colonel Henry George Buller, Lieutenant-Colonel commanding 94th regiment, died at Delhi on the 25th September 1867, in his 50th year. Erected by the officers of his regiment as a token of their sincere regard & respect."

Bulnois - 2nd Lieutenant Arthur - Bengal Engineers - killed 15th January 1852.
Tablet in St. John's Church, Peshawar -
"To the memory of Arthur Bulnois Lieutenant Bengal Engineers born in London on the 3rd October 1823 killed at Fort Michni on the 15th of January 1852."
Grave at Fort Michni - "Sacred to the memory of Arthur Bulnois, 2nd Lieutenant, Bengal Engineers, who was killed near the fort of Michnee by a band of Mohmunds on the 15th January 1852. Chivalrous, accomplished, and full of promise. This tablet is erected by comrades who esteemed him while living and sorrowing at his loss. His remains are buried in the rampart of Fort Michnee."

Bumstead - Captain Reginald - died 6th January 1971.
Grave at Christ Church, Roches point, Ontario -
"Capt. Reginald Bumstead, M.S.M. Veteran of W.W.I. and W.W.II beloved husband of Ruth E. Stericker born at Witnesham Suffolk, Eng. Apr. 13, 1887. died Jan. 6, 1971."

Bunbury - Major-General William Edwin, C.B. - Indian Army - died 31st October 1925.
Born at Clonfert, 5th April 1858, son of Rev. Thomas and Eva Bunbury. Entered Army 1878. CB 1911. Major-General 1912. Served Afghan War 1880 (medal); Mahsud Expedition 1881; Isazai 1892; Chitral 1895 (medal & clasp, MID); Waziristan 1901-2 (medal & clasp, MID); CO 14th Sikhs 1902-8; Commanded Kohat Brigade 1912; QMG India 1912-16; Commanded Rawalpindi Division 1916-17.
Grave at Northam cemetery, Devon -
"In Ever Loving Memory Of Major-General William Edwin Bunbury, C.B. Indian Army eldest son of The Right Rev. Thomas Bunbury, D.D. Bishop of Limerick. Born 5th April 1858, Died 31st October 1925. And his beloved wife Eva Mary Bunbury who died 21st October 1936 Aged 72 Years. Also their eldest son Capt. Thomas St. Pierre Bunbury, R.F.C. Killed In Action 31st August 1918 Aged 23 Years."

Burder - Brigadier-General Ernest Sumner, CMG - 32nd Foot - died 27th January 1946.
Born 27th Jan. 1866. Lieut. 1885. Major 1904. Served in Tirah 1897-8 (medal 2 clasps). WWI (CMG 1916, medals, Order of the Crown of Italy, Ordre de Leopold).
Memorial at Compton churchyard, Berkshire -
"In memory of Brigadier General Ernest Sumner Burder CMG Born 27th January 1866 Died 2nd January 1946."

Bureau - Lieutenant Alexander William - 1st Bengal Native Cavalry - died 26th October 1808.
Son of William Bureau, inspecting Surgeon EICS. Served in the second Mahratta war.
Grave at Cawnpore -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut Alexr Wm Bureau of the 1st Regt Native Cavalry, who was killed by his horse falling with him while at Exercise on the 26th of October 1808."

Burn - Captain Herbert Vallance - 21st Hussars - died 12th October 1889.
Memorial in Holy Trinity Church, Bangalore -
"In Memory of Captain Herbert Vallance Burn, 21 Hussars, who died at Bangalore in 12 October, 1889 Age 32 This Memento is created by his brother Officers by whom he was universally beloved and will ever be held in affectionate remembrance."

Burnet - Captain Peter - 14th Foot - died 5th February 1809.
Grave at Inveresk Kirkyard, Scotland -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain Peter Burnet, late of the 14th Regiment of Foot, who died the 5th Feb. 1809, aged 82. Mrs Burnet died the 18th Jan. 1811, aged 82 years."

Burnett - Captain Charles James Francis - 2nd European Regiment - died 30th April 1846.
Served Sutlej 1845 (medal, wounded).
Grave at Ferozepore -
"Charles J.F. Burnett Brevet Major and Captain 2nd European Regiment. Sometime Brigade Major of this station died at Ferozepore XXX April MDCCCXLVI."

Burton - Major Albert - 51st Field Battery, Royal Artillery - died 27th September 1897.
Memorial in St. John's Church, Peshawar -
"In loving memory of Albert Burton, Major Royal Artillery, 7th son of the late R. Burton, who died at Peshawar, Punjab, India on 27th September 1897 from fever contracted while on service at Fort Shabkadar. Aged 44 years."

Burton - Ensign John - 51st Foot - died 4th January 1859.
Grave at Lahore -
"Sacred to the memory of Ensign John Burton, H.M. 51st Lt Infy who died at Meean Meer on the 4th Jany 1859 aged 18 years. Erected to his memory by his brother officers."

BURTON FAMILY TOMB - Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -

"In loving memory of Geoffrey, Cadet at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, youngest son of General E.F. Burton and Georgiana his wife. Drowned saving his sister's life at Happisburgh, Norfolk 29th August 1893 Aged 18 years. This monument is erected by his sorrowing brothers in honour of his blameless life and noble death leaving us an example that we should follow his steps."

"Also of Captain Aubrey De Sausmarez Burton, Indian Army. Their seventh son. Born 1871. Died 1905."

"Also of General Edmund Francis Burton, Indian Army. Born 1820. Died 1902. Also of Georgiana widow of the above. Born 1832. Died 1922."

"Also of Lieutenant Colonel Gerald Burton, Indian Army, their third son. Born 1863. Died 1906."

"Also their eighth son Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Robert Burton. Comdt. 94th (Russell's) Infantry I.A. Died on active service 1872-1918."

"Also their eldest son Lieutenant Colonel Charles William Westbrooke Burton, Commandant 25th Madras Infantry. 1858-1939."

"Also of their second son Brigadier General Edmund Boteler Burton, CB. 17th Bengal Cavalry. 1861-1942."

"Also their fifth son Lieutenant Colonel Frederic Nuthall Burton. 87th Punjabis. 1866-1945."

"Also their grandson Lieutenant Colonel Henry Gerard Burton. 12th Punjab Frontier Force Regiment. 1907-1981."

Buss - Captain R.A., MC - 1/10th Gurkha Rifles - died 17th July 1925.
Grave at Quetta -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain R.A. Buss, MC. 1st Battalion 10th Gurkha Rifles. Died at Quetta 17 July 1925 as a result of an accident."

Butler - Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Charles - 36th Foot - died 21st May 1868.
Grave at Jamrud Road Cemetery, Peshawar -
"Erected by his brother officers to the memory of Edward Charles Butler brevet Lt Colonel, 36th foot who died at Peshawur 21st May 1868 aged 50 years."

Butler - Colonel Henry Thomas - 13th Hussars - died 16th December 1881.
Grave at West Wickham, Kent -
"Henry Thomas Butler, late Colonel of the 13th Hussars died 16 December 1881 aged 39 years. Thomas Butler, father of the above died 9 October 1893 aged 79. Emma Elizabeth, second wife of the above Thomas Butler and daughter of Admiral Bertie Cator died 2.5.1895 aged 82."

Butler - Colonel John - Royal American Regiment (Butler's Rangers) -
died May 1796.
Memorial at St. Mark's Church, Canada -
"Fear God and honour the King. In memory of Col. John Butler, His Majesty's Commissioner for Indian affairs, born in New London, Connecticut. 1728. His life was spent honorably in the service of the Crown. In the war with France, for the conquest of Canada, he was distinguished at the battle of Lake George, Sept. 1755; at the siege of Fort Niagara and its capitulation, 25th July, 1759. In the war 1776 he took up arms in defence of the unity of the Empire and raised and commanded the Royal American Regiment of Butler's Rangers. A sincere Christian as well as a brave soldier, he was one of the founders and the first patron of this parish. He died at Niagara, May, 1796, and is interred in the family burying ground near this town. Erected 1880."

Butler - Major-General John - 3rd Bengal Native Infantry - died 30th April 1872.
Born 1804 in Tenby, Pembrokshire. Entered Bengal Army in 1820. Served in the Jullundur Doab operations 1848-9 (medal).
Grave at Simla -
"In memory of Major General John Butler, E.I.C.B.I. who died at Simla 30th April 1872. aged 68 years."

Butler - 2nd Lieutenant John Eldridge - Indian Army - died 13th March 1911.
Grave at Rawalpindi -
"Sacred to the memory of John Eldridge Butler, 2nd Lieutenant Indian Army, attached to the 35th (1st Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment), who died at Baghra, near Rawalpindi 13 Mar 1911. Aged 20 yrs."

Byrne - Lieutenant-Colonel John, CB - 53rd Foot - Died 21st July 1851.
Served Sutlej 1845 (medal, CB), Punjab 1848 (medal and bar).
Grave at Simla -
"Here rest in hope the mortal remains of Lt Col John Byrne, CB late of H.M.'s 53rd Foot who departed this life at Simla on the 21st July 1851, aged 64 years and 7 months. Leaving his afflicted widow the last and sad privilege of erecting this monument to his memory."