Faithfull - Lieutenant George Charles Norris - 75th Foot - died 31st October 1857.
Grave at Ambala cemetery -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut G.C.N. Faithfull HMs 75th Regiment. A soldier zealous and true counting his life as nothing so he but discharged his duty to his country. He died at Umballa Octr 31st 1857 aged 26."

Faithfull - Colonel Willlaim Conrad, C.B. - 29th Bengal Native Infantry - Died 16th March 1838.
Son of Richard and Martha Faithfull. Cadet 1798. Colonel 1829. Died on board the 'Cornwall' on passage to the Cape. Married Martha Agg 1805. Served at Aligarh and battle of Deig (4th N.I.), Capture of Java 1811 (4th Bengal Volunteers), capture of Almora, siege of Bhurtpore (wounded). CB 1831.
Tablet in St. John's Church, Calcutta -
"Sacred to the memory of Colonel W.C. Faithfull who departed this life at sea on the 16th of March 1838 aged 55. During the long period of 35 years of military service in India, he was conspicuous for zeal and ability in the performance of his duties. engaged often on active service in the field with honourable distinctions, and on two occasions severley wounded. This memorial is erected by his afflicted widow and children."

Fancourt - Major Charles Bullen - died 31st March 1832.
Grave at St. Mary's Churchyard, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland -
"Here lieth the remains of Charles Bullen Fancourt who dept. this life in Clonmel on the 31st of March 1832 aged 47 years. Also the remains of Isabella, widow of the late Major Fancourt who died December 15th 1882 aged 91 years."

Farrington - Major Henry Wortham - Bengal Army - died 24th February 1851.
Served Afghanistan 1842 (medal). Married Hannah Jones at Dinapore, 1831 (she died 5 weeks later) and then Frances Turner at Calcutta, 21st December 1833.
Grave in Ambala cemetery -
"Sacred to the memory of Major Henry Wortham Farrington of the Invalid Establishment, formerly of the 2nd regiment Bengal Grenadiers who died at Umballa on the 24th February 1851 aged 52 years after a long and painful illness which he bore with exemplary patience and resignation. this monument is erected by his affectionate wife."

Farrington - Cornet Martin - 15th Hussars - died 2nd May 1863.
Memorial at Christ Church, Cheltenham -
"Sacred to the memory of Martin Farrington, cornet 15th (the King's) Hussars, youngest son of the late Major General Farrington, Bengal Artillery, who died at Dundalk in Ireland, on the 2nd of May 1863, in the 21st year of his age. The officers of his regiment erected a monument over his grave. This slight tribute of affection is dedicated by his sorrowing mother."

Farwell - Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Charles
- Indian Army - died July 1910.
Served in Jowaki expedition 1877-78 (medal & clasp), Afghanistan 1878-80 (medal & 4 clasps, Star, MID), Burma 1886-88 (clasp).
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"In loving memory of Lieutenant Colonel W.C. Farwell, Indian Army who died July -- 1910. Aged 6-- years."

Fenning - Lieutenant-Colonel Daniel Alexander - 1st Madras Light Cavalry - died 16th February 1852.
Grave at Bellary Cantonment Cemetery, Bellary - "Lieut-Colonel Daniel Alexander Fenning, 1st Regt., L.C., died 16 Febry 1852, aged 59 years. This tomb is erected by the Officers of the 1st, 3rd and 5th Regts., L.C., which corps he severally commanded, as a token of their respect."

Fenton - Lieutenant Arthur Fitzgerald - Bengal Staff Corps - died 11th March 1890.
Memorial at War Memorial Church, Sandhurst Royal Military Academy -
"In loving memory of Lieutenant Arthur Fitzgerald Fenton. Gentleman Cadet 1884. Late of the Durham Light Infantry and Bengal Staff Corps. Wounded in Burmese Campaign March 1887 and died at Sangor March 11th 1890 aged 24."

Fenwick - Major James Henry - 13th Foot - died 14th July 1849.
Grave at Clifton Street Graveyard, Belfast -
"In memory of Mark Sheridan esq late of 13th P.A.L.I. who died on the 2nd March 1849 aged 69 also of Bt Major James Henry Fenwick 13th P.A.L.I. who died on the 14th July 1849 aged 39."

Ferguson - Surgeon James - 5th Foot - died 21st October 1834.
Grave at Church of Ireland Parish Graveyard, Rathkeale -
"Sacred to the Memory of Doctor James Ferguson Late of the 5th Regiment of Foot Who departed this life October 21st 1834 aged 31 years."

Ferguson - Lieutenant Robert - 4th Bengal Native Infantry - died 15th September 1849.
Born 18th January 1825. Served Punjab 1848.
Tablet in St. Luke's Church, Jullundur -
"This tablet has been erected by his brother officers to the memory of the late Robt Ferguson Lieut 4th regt N.I. as a mark of their esteem & regard. He died at Jullundur 15th September 1849 aged 24 years."

Fergusson - Lieutenant Josias Du Pre - 36th Bengal Native Infantry - died 27th December 1844.
Son of Benjamin Fergusson. Born 1815. Cadet 1828. Served in Rajputana 1834-5. Assistant Revenue Surveyor in Cawnpore 1838-40. Adjutant Bhopal Contingent 1840. Action against rebels in Saugor district 1842. Commanded 2nd Bn. Military Police at Damoh 1843.
Grave at Subathu -
"In memory of Lt Josias Du Pre Fergusson 36th Regt N. Infy who departed this life on the 27th December 1844, aged 29 years. This tomb is erected by his brother officers as a tribute of esteem."

Ferns - Lieutenant John St. George - 2/13th Native Infantry - died 10th May 1813.
Grave at Bellary Cantonment Cemetery, Bellary -
"Lieut. John St. George Ferns, of the 2nd Batt., 13th Regt. died 10th May 1813. Erected by his surviving friends and brother officers."

Ferris - Lieutenant Joseph - 24th Foot - died 14th October 1812.
Grave at Calcutta -
"In the memory of Lieut. Joseph Ferris, of H.M. 24th Regiment of Foot, second son of Joseph Ferris, Esq. of Truro, Cornwall, who died the 14th October 1812, aged 28 years. This stone is erected by his brother officers in testimony of his merit and their esteem."

Ferris - Major Joseph, C.B. - 20th Bengal Native Infantry - died 14th August 1853.
Born at Pensance, Cornwall, 3rd May 1807. Served Afghanistan 1839-42 (medal, CB), Punjab 1848 (medal). Married Georgiana Blanchard at Calcutta, 28th March 1826.
Grave at Dharmsala -
"Sacred to the memory of Major Joseph Ferris, C.B. 20th regt. N.I. Commandant of the 2nd or Hill Regt. of Sikh Local Infantry, who while yet in the prime of life and with energies but little impaired was suddenly removed by death at Dharmsala, on the 14th of August 1853 Aged 46 years 3 months and 11 days. The honours conferred upon him by his Sovereign and the Govt of India attest the value of his public service, while the benevolence of his character and a hospitality which was ever welcome to all who needed it, endeared him to a large circle in private life. As a memorial of his public and private worth, as a token of their personal regard, and as a mark of sympathy with his bereaved family this monument is erected by the officers of his Regt and that which he commanded, together with the friends who were gathered around him."

Festing - Major Harold England, DSO - Border Regiment - died 15th October 1923.
Grave at Quetta -
"In loving memory of Major Harold England Festing, DSO, The Border Regiment, who died at Quetta 15 Oct. 1923."

Festing - Captain Wogan Richard - Royal Irish Fusiliers - died 5th July 1897.
Grave at Bhamo, Burma. Memorial at Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst -
"To the glory of God and in loving memory of Wogan Richard Festing Captain Royal Irish Fusiliers (Gentleman Cadet RMC 1884-85) second son of Mr. and Mrs. Festing, Bois Hall, Addlestone, Surrey, who died of sunstroke at Bhamo, Burma, July 5th 1897 aged 31 years."

Fiddes - Lieutenant-General -Thomas - 42nd Bengal Native Infantry died 13th April 1863.
Born at Wells, Hobkirk, Scotland 7 December 1783, son of John Fiddes. Ensign 1805. Lt-General 1856. Served 2nd Mahratta War, Java 1811, First Burma War 1825. Buried at Kensal Green Cemetery, London.
Memorial at Christ Church, Cheltenham - "Sacred to the memory of Lt General Fiddes of the Bengal Army, who after a long period of service, in his country's cause, embracing the campaigns which led to the capture of Java and Ava, expired peacefully at his residence Oakfield, Cheltenham, on the 13th of April 1863, in the 82nd year of his age. This tablet is erected by his sorrowing widow, as an imperfect record of the loss of the loved and revered companion of many years."

Finlay - Major-General Henry Finlay - Madras Artillery - died 11th December 1898.
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"In loving memory of Henry Montgomery Finlay, Major General Royal (Madras) Artillery. Born November 17 1834. Died August 11 1898. Also of Arabella Caroline, wife of the above, Died at Montreux 25th April 1926."

Fisher - Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Scott Vincent - Bengal Staff Corps - died 22nd August 1876.
Ensign 1850 (30th Bengal N.I.)
Grave at Simla -
"In memory of Lt Colonel Henry Scott Vincent Fisher Bengal Staff Corps. born 5th November 1833. died 22nd August 1876.

Fisher - Ensign Hugh George - 60th Bengal Native Infantry - died 18th November 1855.
Son of Captain John Fisher (23rd Bengal N.I.) who was killed at Sobraon. Born at Dehra Dun 3rd November 1833.
Grave in Ambala cemetery -
"Sacred to the memory of Ensign Hugh George Fisher 60th Regiment B.N.I. who departed this life on the 18th November 1855 aged 19 years erected by his brother officers."

Fisher - Colonel Robert Roe - Royal Artillery - died 20th April 1880.
Commissioned 1828. Commandant Donegal Artillery 1860.
Memorial at Church of Ireland, Rathsaran, Co. Laois, Ireland -
"Sacred to the memory of Colonel Robert Roe Fisher Royal Artillery of Castle Grogan who departed this life 20 April 1880 in his 71st year. Deeply and deservedly regretted."

Fitzgerald - Lieutenant-Colonel John - 2nd Light Cavalry - died 15th December 1851.
Born 19th April 1796 at Cawnpore, son of Martin and Barbara Fitzgerald. Cadet 1811. Lieut-Col. 1851. Married Fanny Ricketts 1828 at Lucknow. Served 3rd Mahratta War, Afghanistan 1839-42, Ghuzni (medal), Gwalior (Puniar Star).
Grave at Dehra Dun -
"Sacred to the memory of Major and Bt. Lt. Col. John Fitzgerald of the 2nd Light Cavalry. Born in Cawnpore 19th April 1796. Died 15th December 1851 in peace withall in the 56th year of his age after an honorable service of nearly 40 years. This monument is erected by his sorrowing widow and children."

Fitzgerald - Lieutenant Urmston Fítz Otho - Royal Irish Fusiliers - died 26th July 1886.
Son of Desmond John Edmund Fitzgerald. Born 29th June 1864. His brother, Lieut. T. Fitzgerald, 27th Punjab Infantry, was killed in action at Ali Musjid, 21st November 1878.
Grave at the Old Fort, Cherat -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut. Urmston Fitz Otho Fitzgerald 1st Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers who died at Cherat July 26 1886 aged 22."
Memorial in St. John's Church, Peshawar - "Sacred to the memory of Urmston Fitzotho Fitzgerald, Lieutenant 1st battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers, second and dearly beloved son of the Knight Glin, who died at Cherat of enteric fever on 26th July 1886. Aged 22 years."

Fitzgerald - Captain William Elliot - Madras Native Infantry - died 12th July 1820.
Grave at Vizagapatam -
"Sacred to the memory of Capt. W.E. Fitzgerald Madras N.I. who departed this life at Vizianagrum on the 12th July 1820 in the 33rd year of his age."

Fitz-Maurice-Deane-Morgan - Lieutenant Hamilton Robert Tilson Grogan - Royal Irish Regiment - died 30th July 1907.
Son of 4th Baron Muskerry.
Grave at Westridge Cemetery, Rawalpindi -
"In ever loving memory of Lieutenant The Hon. Hamilton Robert Tilson Grogan Fitz-Maurice-Deane-Morgan of the Royal Irish Regiment, eldest son of the 4th Baron Muskerry, who died at Murree on 30 July 1907. This tablet is erected by his widow and brother officers."

Fleming - Lieutenant H.O. - 28th Madras Native Infantry - died 2nd April 1846.
Grave at Harihar Old Cantonment, Mysore -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant H.O. Fleming, 28th Regiment M.N.I., who died at Hurryhur on the 2nd April 1846.  Deeply regretted by his brother officers by whom this tomb is erected as a mark of esteem and respect."

Fleury - Colonel William Lawrenson - Royal West Kent Regiment - died 22nd January 1904.
Grave at St. Patrick's Cemetery, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland -
"In loving memory of Colonel William Lawrenson Fleury late A.P.D. & the 50th Queen's own Royal West Kent Regt who died Jan. 22nd 1904 aged 65 years."

Flood - Ensign Nicholas - 3rd Foot - died 20th May 1839.
His wife, Anne, died 26th August 1837 and is buried at Meerut.
Grave at Dehra Dun -
"Sacred to the memory of Ensign Nicholas Flood Her Majesty's 3rd Regt of Buffs, who departed this life on the 20th May 1839 leaving a family of four children to lament his irreparable loss."

Flower - Colonel Oswald Swift - Royal Welch Fusiliers - killed 11th July 1916.
Memorial at St. Eadburgha's Church, Broadway -
"In loving memory of Colonel Oswald Swift Flower, Royal Welch Fusiliers, third son of Edgar and Isabella Flower Served with distinction in the Chinese expedition 1900. He died leading his men at the taking of Mametz Wood, France, in the European War, July 11th 1916. Mentioned many times in dispatches."

Fogarty - Surgeon George Taylor Cornelius - 70th Bengal Native Infantry - died 3rd September 1854.
Born in Tipperary, Ireland, 1814. Served Punjab 1848 (medal and 2 bars).
Grave in Ambala cemetery -
"Sacred to the memory of G.T. Fogarty Esquire late Surgeon 70th regiment N.I. who died at Umballah on the 3rd of September 1854. This tomb has been erected by the officers of the regiment as a mark of esteem."

Foley - Admiral Sir Thomas, GCB - Royal Navy - died 9th January 1833.
Memorial in Royal Garrison Church, Portsmouth -
"To the glory of God and in memory of Admiral Sir Thomas Foley GCB, Rear Admiral of England. One of Nelson's Paladins. He led the British Line at the Battle of the Nile in command of the Goliath and was Nelson's Flag Captain in the Battle of Copenhagen. He married Lady Lucy FitzGerald daughetr of James Duke of Leinster. He died Commander in Chief at this port on the 9th of January 1833 and his remains were interred within this church. DD John Beresford Herbert."

Forbes - Assistant-Surgeon Charles - 66th Goorkha Regiment - died 21st August 1854.
Grave at Old Cemetery, Rawalpindi -
"Sacred to the memory of Assistant Surgeon Charles Forbes 66th or Goorkha Regt ob 21st August 1854 aged 37 years."

Forbes - Lieutenant Warwick Gilbert Hamilton - Gordon Highlanders - died 1st April 1923.
Grave at Osu Cemetery, Accra, Ghana -
"Warwick Gilbert Hamilton Forbes, formerly Lieutenant Gordon Highlanders, died Accra 1 Apr. 1923, aged 25."

Ford - 2nd Lieutenant H.R.K. - Bedfordshire Regiment - died 7th January 1898.
Grave at Rawalpindi -
"In memory of H.R.K. Ford, 2nd Lieutenant Bedfordshire Regiment, who died on 3 Jun 1891. Aged 21 yrs 10mths."

Ford - Captain Mathew William - died 7th March 1841.
Born 1788.
1804 ensign 70th Foot. 1813 captain 7th Foot. 1822 to 1st Foot. 1822 to 24th Light Dragoons. 1823 16th Foot. In 1836 he was court martialled in India and cashiered. Joined Maharaja Ranjit Singh's army as a Colonel of an infantry regiment. In 1840 a mutiny broke out and he was wounded, he died at Peshawar soon after.
Grave at Simla -
"Sacred to the memory of Capt. Matthew Ford who departed this life at Peshawar: 17th March 1841: aged 53 years."

Fordyce - Lieutenant William - ? - died 16th September 1816.
Grave at Bellary Cantonment Cemetery, Bellary -
"Lieut. William Fordyce, aetatis suae xxviii. died 16th Septr 1816. This pyramid was erected by his brother officers."

Forrest - Captain George, VC - Bengal Ordnance Dept. - died 3rd November 1859.
Served Mutiny 1857 (medal, VC).
Grave at Dehra Dun -
"Sacred to the memory of George Forrest Captain E.I.C.S. V.C. who died at Dehra on 3rd November 1859 aged 56 years. This tablet is erected in affectionate remembrance by his widow and children."

Forster - Captain William - Royal Irish Fusiliers - died 22nd November 1913.
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"In memory of William Haire Forster. Captain 2nd Royal Irish Fusiliers. January 3rd 1876 - November 22nd 1913."

Foskett - Captain Henry - 15th Light Dragoons - died 11th December 1853.
Memorial at Holy Trinity, Much Wenlock, Shrosphire -
"To the memory of Henry Foskett Esqre late senior Captain in the 15th Light Dragoons Born December 12th 1777 Died in the parish of Mary-Le-Bone, London December 11th 1853."

Fox - Lieutenant Stephen Winden - 2/14th Native Infantry - died 22nd January 1822.
Grave at Chitaldroog Cemetery, Mysore - 
"Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant Stephen Winden Fox, Adjutant of the 2nd Bn. 14th Regt N.I., who died on the 22nd January 1822. This tomb was erected by his brother officers as a tribute of the estimation in which they held him."

Framingham - Major-General Sir Haylett, KCB - Royal Horse Artillery - died 10th May 1820.
Memorial in St. Mary's Church, Cheltenham, Glos. -
"To the memory of Major General Sir Haylett Framingham, Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath and of the Hanoverian Order of Guelph. Colonel in the Royal Horse Artillery. He died in this town May 10th 1820 aged 34 years."

Francis - Major-General Arthur - Indian Staff Corps - died 28th December 1899.
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"In loving memory of Major General Arthur Francis late Indian Staff Corps. Died 28 December 1899 Aged 73 years. also Adealaide Isabella, his wife, died October 30th 1905 aged 73 years."

Franklin - Lieutenant Robert Moss - 40th Native Infantry - died 9th May 1847.
Tablet at Barrackpore Church -
"This tablet is erected by the officers of the 40th Regt. to the memory of a beloved brother officer and valued friend, Lieut. Robert Moss Franklin, Adjutant 40th Regiment N.I. who died at Kyook Phyoo in Arrakan, on the 9th day of May 1847, aged 28 years, deeply and most truly regretted."

Fraser - Captain George - 42nd Foot - died 27th June 1862.
Served Mutiny 1857 (medal and bar).
Grave at Sanwar cemetery -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain George Fraser 42nd Royal Highland Regiment "the Black Watch" who died at Dugshaie on the 27th June 1862, Aged 32 years. Erected by his brother officers. Also to the memory of his widow Angusina who died at Calcutta on the 5th Novr 1862 on her way home Aged 25 years & 9 months."

Fraser - General George William - Bengal Army - died 24th May 1898.
Commissioned 1843. Served Sutlej War 1845-6 (medal), Afghanistan 1878 (medal).
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire - "In loving memory of General George William Fraser Bengal Staff Corps who died May 24th 1898. Aged 71 years. Also of his wife Mary Creswell who died May 23rd 1935. Aged 84 years."

Fraser - Ensign Henry Charles - 22nd Foot - died 2nd June 1850.
Grave at Sanwar cemetery -
"Sacred to the memory of Ensign Henry Charles Fraser H.M. 22nd Regt Aged 20 years who died at Dugshaie on the 2nd June 1850. This monument was erected by his brother officers as a token of their esteem and respect."

Fraser - Lieutenant James - 11th Native Infantry - died 20th October 1828.
Grave at Bellary Cantonment Cemetery, Bellary -
"Sacred to the memory of  Lieutenant James Fraser, Quartermaster, Paymaster and Interpreter, 11th Regiment, N.I., who was killed in a duel at Bellary, 20th October 1828.  He was brave, generous, and sincere, and much liked and esteemed by his brother officers, by whom this tomb was erected.  This tribute to his memory was placed here by his friend Major-General Hugh Fraser, commanding the Ceded Districts, 1832."

Fraser - Local Major William - Skinner's Horse - Murdered 22nd March 1835.
Born 6th September 1784. Served in the Bengal Civil Service.
Grave at St. James' Churchyard, Delhi -
"Sacred to the memory of William Fraser late Commissioner and Agent to the Lieutenant Governor, at Delhi, and a local Major, of Skinner's Horse, cruelly murdered by an assassin 22nd March 1835. The remains interred beneath this monument, were once animated, by as brave and sincere a soul as was ever vouchsafed to man, by his Creator. a brother in friendship, has caused it to be erected, that when his own frame is dust, it may remain as a memorial for those, who can participate in lamenting the sudden and melancholy loss of one dear to him as life William Fraser died 22nd March 1835."

Free - Lieutenant-Colonel John - 10th Bengal Light Cavalry - died 3rd May 1856.
Born in London, 1806. Served Bhurtpore 1825 (medal), Maharajpoor 1843 (star). Married Matilda Hutt at Poona, 13th October 1829.
Grave at Ferozepore -
"Beneath this tomb lie the mortal remains of John Free Lt. Col. 10th Regt. Lt. Cavy who died at Ferozepore on the 3rd of May 1856 aged nearly 50."

Freke - Lieutenant-Colonel Percy Augustus Evans - Grenadier Guards - died 15th January 1847.
Grave at the Protestant Cemetery, Rome, Italy -
"Lieutenant Colonel the Honorable Percy Augustus Evans Freke Grenadier Guards died 15 January 1847 Aged 34 years."

Frere - Lieutenant Richard Edward - 13th Foot - died 17th November 1842.
Son of Edward Frere, of Clydach, Brecon (who was a brother of Sir Edward Bartle Frere). Born 28th February 1817.Served at Ghuzni 1839 (medal) and Afghanistan 1842 (medal) and Kabul (medal).
Grave at Rajah Bazar, Rawalpindi -
"Lieut Richard Ed Frere H.M. 13th Lt Infantry. Died Nov. 17th 1842. Aged 25."
Tablet in Christchurch, Rawalpindi -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant Richard E. Frere, HM's 13th Light Infantry who died 17 Nov. 1842. Aged 25 yrs."

Frith - Lieutenant-Colonel William, CB - 38th Foot - died 27th May 1831.
Grave at Gazeepore -
"To the memory of William Frith, Esq. Companion of the Most Honorable Military Order of the Bath, Lieutenant-Colonel H.M. 38th Regiment, born July 1780, died 27th May 1831. This column has been raised as a tribute of their sincere esteem and respect by the officers, non-commissioned officers and privates of the corps."

Frushard - Colonel James - Bengal Army - died 11th November 1847.
Served Nepal 1814. Grave in Ambala cemetery -
"Sacred to the memory of Colonel James Frushard of the Bengal Army who during a service of forty two years in India earned for himself the reputation of a good soldier an honourable man and a true christian who having raised & disciplined the 2nd Europn Regt commanded it for nine successive years and died in the love & esteem of all this monument is erected by his comrades & friends the officers & men of his regt obit AD 11th Novr 1847 Aetat 59 years."

Fry - Captain Robert - 6th Bengal Native Cavalry - died 14th April 1816.
Son of Robert Fry, of London.
Grave at Cawnpore -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain Robert Fry of the 6th Regt. N. Cavalry who departed this life 14th April 1816 aged 39 years. In testimony of their regard and affection this monument was erected by his brother officers."

Fry - Major-General Sir William, KCVO, CB - West Yorkshire Regiment - died 20th March 1934.
Memorial at The Nunnery Chapel, Braddan, Isle of Man -
"In proud memory of Maj-Gen Sir William Fry K.C.V.O., C.B. Col. 14th West Yorkshire Regt. 1914-1934 (Prince of Wales Own) Lieut-Governor the Isle of Man 1919-1926 who passed to rest on March 20 1934. His life of faithful service won the esteem of his King and his country, the affection of his comrades and the devoted love of his beloved wife and children."

Fulford - Captain Cecil John Russell - 26th Punjab Infantry - died 4th May 1882.
Son of Admiral John Falford (Royal Navy). Born at St. Leonards-on-sea, Sussex, 8th April 1845. Served Afghanistan 1878 (medal). Married Julia Warren in 1870. Their only son, 2nd Lieutenant R. Fulford (2nd Middlesex) died at Quetta, 1892. (below)
Grave at Taikal Cemetery, Peshawar -
"Sacred to the memory of Cecil J. Fulford Captain 26th P.N.I. D.A.Q.M.G. who died at Peshawur May 4th 1882."
Tablet in St. John's Church, Peshawar - "Sacred to the memory of Cecil John Russell Fulford, late Captn 26th P.N.I. offg D.A.Q.M.G. who died on May 4th 1882 of wounds inflicted by an Afghan assassin on April 20th 1882, aged 37 years. This tablet is erected by the military and civil residents of Peshawar as a mark of the esteem and regard in which he was universally held."

Fulford - 2nd Lieutenant R.J.R. - 2nd Bn. Middlesex Regt. - died 19th November 1892.
Son of Captain Cecil (26th Punjab N.I.) and Julia Fulford. His father was murdered in 1882. (above)
Grave at Quetta -
"To the memory of 2nd Lieutenant R.J.R. Fulford. 2nd Middlesex Regiment. Died 19th November 1892."

Fuller - General Charles - Royal Artillery - died 24th August 1904.
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"In loving memory of General Charles Bowdler Fuller. Colonel Commandant of the Royal Regiment of Artillery. Born 5th November 1822. Died 24th August 1904. He taketh his rest after 64 years spent in the service of his Sovereign and Country."

Fuller - Major Abraham Richard - Royal Artillery - died 20th August 1867.
Son of Captain Abraham Fuller (33rd N.I.). Served Mutiny 1857 (medal).
Grave at Rawalpindi -
"Sacred to the memory of Abraham Richard Fuller Major Royal Artillery and Director of Public Instruction in the Punjab. he was drowned in crossing the Bungreel river near Rawulpindee 20th August 1867 aged 39 years."
Tablet in St. James' Church, Delhi -
"Sacred to the memory of Abraham Richard Fuller, Major Royl Artily Director of Public Instrucn of the Punjaub. Drowned in crossing the River Bungreel near Rawal Pindee. Born Nov. 12th 1828. Died Aug. 20th 1867. also to the memory of Abraham Fuller, Captn Ben. Army. Father of the above. Born 1800 Died 1831. Also of Anna Amelia wife of Abraham Fuller and mother of Abraham Richard Fuller, she fell a victim at Delhi in the Mutiny of 1857."

Fuller - Surgeon Herbert Knowles - Madras Army - died 14th October 1889.
Memorial at Ramsdell Church, Hampshire -
"To the glory of God and in loving memory of Herbert Knowles Fuller MC Camb MRCS Surgeon in HM Madras Army 2nd son of the Rev Joseph Fuller first vicar of this parish. He served in the war in Burmah 1885-1887, was honourably mentioned, there contracted Burmese Fever and was invalided home. Died October 14th 1889 aged 32 years."

Fullerton - Lieutenant-Colonel James Alexander, CB - 9th Lancers - died 28th April 1850.
Served Punniar (star), Sutlej 1842 (medal), Punjab 1848 (medal and bar, CB).
Grave at Srinagar -
"Sacred to the memory of Lt. Colonel James Alexander Fullerton, C.B. Late Commanding the IXth Queen's Royal Lancers who died at Ramoo, April 28th 1850 Aged 50, sincerely regretted by his brother officers, who have raised this slab over his remains."

Fulton - Lieutenant William - 6th Inniskilling Dragoon Guards - died 17th June 1813.
Grave at Kilcruttin Churchyard, King's County, Ireland -
"Sacred to the Memory of William Fulton, Esq.  late Lieutenant in the 6th or Inneskilling Regiment of Dragoons. Born at Lisburn and Departed this life the 17th day of June 1813 Aged 41 years. This Stone was Erected by his Truly affectionate widow."

Furlonge - Assistant-Surgeon William James - 24th Foot - died 12th December 1849.
Served Punjab 1848 (medal and 2 bars).
Grave at Saroke Cemetery, near Wazirabad -
"To the memory of W.J. Furlonge M.D. H.M. 24th Regt. died 12th December 1849 aged 29 years 8 months."