Napier - Captain Robert Dunmore - 8th Hussars - died 13th February 1861.
Grave at Meerut -
"Captain Robert Dunmore Napier of Ballikinaire, Scotland 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars killed by a fall of his horse on 13 February 1861 age 21 years."

Nash - Lieutenant-General Joseph, CB - Bengal Army - died 1st January 1870.
Born at Failsworth, Lancashire, 22nd July 1795. Son of John and Mary Nash. Served Nepal 1814 (medal), 3rd Mahratta war, Nagpur 1817 (bar), Ghuzni 1839 (medal), Commandant of Shar Shuja's Guard at Kabul, Afghanistan 1842 (medal, wounded), Maharajpoor 1843 (star), Sutlej 1845 (medal), Punjab 1848 (medal and bar, wounded). Married Dina Leibbrandt in Cape Town, 5th May 1820.
Grave at Dehra Dun -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut. General Joseph Nash CB who died at Dehra 1st January 1870 aged 74 years."

Nation - Colonel Stephen, CB - 9th Native Infantry - died 2nd August 1828.
Son of Matthew and Anne Nation. Born at Dulverton, Somerset. Served second and third Mahratta Wars, Nepal war. CB 1826. Married Mary Brady at Calcutta, February 1810.
Grave at Cawnpore -
"Sacred to the memory of Lt Colonel Comdt Nation CB. This monument is erected as a tribute of respect affection and regret, by the European nat Comsd and Non Comsd Officers of the 9th Regt NI in which he rose from the rank of an Ensign to that of Lt Colonel Comdt and to which during a period of almost 31 years service he had actaully been attached 28 years. When proceeding to the charge of a Brigadier's Comd at Delhi he died at Cawnpore on the 2nd of August 1828 Aetat 49."

Naylor - Major Christopher Henry - Bengal Army - died 25th August 1854.
Married Maria Gowan at Delhi, 23rd August 1830.
Grave at Subathu -
"Sacred to the memory of Major C.H. Naylor who died on the 25th of August 1854 aged 50 years."

Needham - Lieutenant George - 25th Foot - died 3rd January 1849.
Memorial at Termonfeckin Cemetery, Co. Louth -
"Sacred to the memory of Anne Rebekah Needham whose remains are interred beneath awaiting resurrection of the just. This stone is placed here by her Husband the Revd. George needham and his sorrowing children. She died at Terfeckan August 15th 1815 aged 18 years. Here also is buried the Reverend George Needham. Rector of Ballynure, Co. Wicklow who died on Christmas Day 1862 aged 71. Their only son George Needham Lieutenant in Her Majesty's 25th Regiment Kings Own Borderers died on passage home from India January 3rd 1849 and is buried at Cape Town, South Africa."

Nelson - Captain Frederick Hibbart - 40th Foot - died 3rd December 1879.
Memorial in Royal Garrison Church, Portsmouth -
"To the glory of God and in memory of Frederick Hibbart Nelson Captain XL Regiment who died at Dum Dum East Indies 3rd December 1879 and was buried at Southsea 6th February 1880. The tiling of this wall has been dedicated by his brother officers in token of their love & esteem."

Nelthropp - Captain J.Q.M.C.L. - 2/14th Native Infantry - died 16th July 1821.
Grave at Chitaldroog Cemetery, Mysore - 
"Sacred to the memory of Brevet Captain J.Q.M.C.L. Nelthropp, the 2nd Battn. 14th Regt. N.I., who was deprived of life by an accidental explosion of gunpowder on the 16th day of July 1821. This tomb was erected by his brother officers from esteem and regard for his memory." 

Nesham - Colonel William Robert - Madras Army - died 22nd August 1882.
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"In remembrance of William Robert Nesham, Colonel in HM Madras Army who died at Lancholme after a lonliness borne with exemplary patience 22nd August 1882. Aged 50 years. This monument is erected by his sorrowing wife."

Nettles - Lieutenant-Colonel Henry - 17th Light Dragoons - died 10th March 1811.
Grave at St. Mary's Churchyard, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland -
"Sacred to the memory of Henry Nettles Esq. late Lieutenant Col. of the 17th Light Dragoons in which he served 36 years. This marble which embraces his remains was erected by his widow in grateful remembrance of his many virtues as a tender and affectionate husband, a warm and steady friend, a sincere yet gentle commander, a gallant soldier, a loyal subject and an honest man. He died 10th day of March AD 1811 in the 61st year of his age. Also Mrs. Judith Nettles his wife, who died October 1816 and was interred here with her beloved husband on the 6th November 1816."

Neven - Riding Master Thomas - 6th Bengal Light Cavalry - died 18th February 1848.
Born in Ayr, 1801. Served at Bhurtpore 1825.
Grave at Nakodar -
"To the memory of Riding Master Thomas Neven of the 6th Regiment Light Cavalry who departed this life at Nakodah on the 18th February 1848 aged 48 years and six months. The deceased joined the 6th Light Cavalry in 1825 and served with it uninterruptedly till the day of his death. During which period he conciliated the good will of all ranks, European and Native. This monument was erected by the European Officers, to mark their esteem for the deceased."

Newhouse - Lieutenant-Colonel William Charles - 5th Fusiliers - died 2nd July 1880.
Grave at St. Peter's Church, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Glos. -
"Sacred to the memory of Lt. Colonel William Charels Newhouse 5th Fusiliers. Died 2nd July 1880. Aged 79 years."

Nichelson - Major Harrie - 15th Native Infantry - died 20th December 1826.
Grave at Calcutta -
"Sacred to the memory of Major Harrie Nichelson of the 15th Regiment N.I. late Paymaster to the Bengal Division of Troops serving under Major General Sir A. Campbell, KCB in Ava, who departed this life on the 20th Dec. 1826, aged 40 years, 9 months and 13 days. By the death of Major Nichelson, the Army has lost a brave and zealous officer, and many of its members, a generous-hearted friend."

Nicholas - Lieutenant John - HMS Aurora - died December 1778
Nicholas - Captain William Draper - 11th Foot
- died 17th January 1786.
Memorial at St. Marys Church, Froyle, Hampshire -
" In memory of John Nicholas, son of William & Mary Nicholas
of Froyle in the county of Hants, Lieutenant of His Majesty's Ship 'Aurora', who departed this life at sea December 1778 aged 26 years, whose remains are deposited in the island of Barbadoes. Also in memory of William Draper Nicholas, son of William & Mary Nicholas of Froyle in the county of Hants, Captain in His Majesty's 11th Regiment of Infantry, who died January the 17th 1786 aged 34 years, whose remains are deposited near this place."

Nicholson - Major Charles Johnson - 2nd Punjab Cavalry - died 18th December 1862.
Son of Dr. Alexander Nicholson, of Dublin. Served Punjab 1848 (medal and 2 bars), Mutiny 1857 (medal and bar). Married Elizabeth Gillilan at New York, USA, October 1859.
Tablet in St. George's Church, Bannu -
"In memory of Charles Johnson Nicholson, Major in the Bengal Army and 2nd in Command of the 2nd Punjab Cavalry who, after a Military career which tho' brief gave much promise of future distinction, died at Doomree from the effects of disease brought on by a wound received at the siege of Delhi, on the 13th of December 1862, aged 34 years. This tablet has been erected by his comrades of the Punjab Irregular force, who admired him as a soldier and loved him as a man."

Nicholson - Captain George Stuart - Royal Fusiliers - died 19th August 1888.
Lieutenant 13 June 1875. Captain 20 January 1884. Served in Zulu campaign 1879 as Adjutant of 4th Natal Native Contingent. (medal & clasp).
Memorial at the Royal Memorial Church, Sandhurst Military Academy -
"George Stuart Nicholson. Captain. Royal Fusiliers. Died from the effects of the Indian climate. 19 Aug. 1888. Aged 33."

Nicholson - Captain William Smith - 26th Foot
- died 8th March 1874.
Memorial at St. Marys Church, Froyle, Hampshire -
"Charlotte Elizabeth wife of Captn W.S. Nicholson, eldest daughter of the Revd Sir Thos Miller, Bart. Born March 30 1825, died March 8 1874. And William Smith Nicholson, late Capt 26th Regt (Cameronians), husband of the above and second son of George Thomas Nicholson of Waverley Abbey, Surrey. Born Jan 25 1817, died Sep 18 1896."

Nicolay - Lieutenant-Colonel F.W. - 2/2nd Gurkha Rifles - died 20th June 1899.
Nicolay - Major Herbert Cleland - 2/2nd Gurkha Rifles - killed 10th March 1915.
Nicolay - Lieutenant-Commander Edward Christian Frederic - HM Submarine Perseus - killed 19th December 1941.
Nicolay - Colonel Bernard Underwood - died 8th December 1960.
Memorial at Northam cemetery, Devon -
"In loving memory of Lieut. Col. F.W. Nicolay I.S.G. Lately Commanding 2/2nd Goorkha Rifles who died June 20th 1899 Aged 56. Also Major Herbert Cleland Nicolay 2/2nd K.E.O. Goorkha Rifles, youngest son of the above, who fell in the attack on the Bois De Biez, Neuve Chapelle, March 10th 1915 Aged 39. Also Lieut. Commander Edward Christian Frederic Nicolay D.S.O. R.N. only grandson of the above, lost on patrol H.M.S. Submarine Perseus 19th December 1941 Aged 34 Years. Also of Colonel Bernard Underwood Nicolay, father of the last named, Born 23rd December 1873 Died 8th December 1960."

Nicolls - Major Richard Orpin Townsend - Madras Staff Corps - died 30th August 1862.
Served China 1842 (medal). Tablet in Shaikh Budin Church -
"Richard O.T. Nicolls Died Aug. 30th 1862 Aged 39 years."

Nieufville - Captain J.B. - 42nd Native Infantry - died 26th July 1830.
Grave in Assam -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain J.B. Nieufville, 42d Regiment, Political Agent and Commanding Upper Assam, deceased 26th July 1830, aged 34 years. Erected in remembrance of past kindness."

Niven - Major Douglas Scott, OBE - 25th Cavalry - died 12th December 1919.
Grave at Quetta -
"Sacred to the memory of Douglas Scott Niven, OBE. Major 25th Cavalry, Frontier Force. Born 5 May 1882. Died 12 Dec 1919 at the Staff College. This stone is erected by his brother officers, wife and family."

Noble - Lieutenant Thomas - 2/6th Native Infantry - died 24th March 1814.
Grave at Chitaldroog Cemetery, Mysore - 
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut. Thos. Noble, 2nd Battn, 6th Regt, N.I., who departed this life on the 24th March 1814, aged 25 years."

Nolan - Lieutenant John Luke - Royal Engineers - died 1st March 1936.
Grave at Rawalpindi -
"In loving memory of John Luke Nolan, Lieutenant Royal Engineers, aged 27 years, who was killed in an avalanche on Killanmarg, Kashmir on 1 March 1936."

Norton - Lieutenant-Colonel Gilbert Frederick Allan - Royal Artillery - died 24th November 1902.
Served Egypt 1882 (medal and bar, khedives star), Sudan 1884 (2 bars), Malakand and Tirah 1897 (medal and 2 bars).
Grave at Ambala cemetery -
"In loving memory of Lt Col G.F.A. Norton R.A. who died at Umballa 24th Novr 1902 aged 47 years."

Nott - Captain E.T. - Royal Navy - died 26th October 1871.
Memorial at St. Judes Church, Portsmouth -
"In memory of Capt E.T. Nott RN who died in command of HM Indian Troop Ship Malabar in the Suez Canal October 26 1871 and was buried at Ismalia on the following day. This tablet is erected by the officers and ships company of the Malabar and the military officers chiefly of 1st Battalion of the 18th The Royal Irish Regiment who were taking passage in the ship at the time to mark their sense of his public and private worth and their regard and esteem." 

Nunn - Lieutenant-Colonel James Winniett - 80th Foot - died 2nd February 1847.
Grave at Meerut -
"Brevet Lieutenant Colonel James Winniett Nunn HM 80th Regiment of Foot Died at Meerut 2 February 1847 aged 57."

Nuthall - Captain Henry Robert - 23rd Madras Light Infantry - died 8th December 1850.
Grave at Multan -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain Henry Robert Nuthall, of the 23rd Regiment or Wallajabad Madras Light Infantry and 2nd in command 4th Punjab Irregular Cavalry who died at Mooltan on the 8th December 1850 aged 33 years. This tomb is erected by his brother officers, as an affectionate remembrance of his many worthy and amiable qualities."