Paget - Lieutenant H.P.E. - Rifle Brigade - died 17th June 1893.
Grave at Peshawar -
"To the memory of Lieutenant H.P.E. Paget. Rifle Brigade. Died Peshwar 17th June 1893. Aged 23 years. Erected by his comrades."

Pakenham - Captain George Dent - 4th Bengal Lancers - died 19th June 1888.
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"In memory of Captain George Dent Pakenham. 4th Bengal Lancers and G.G.'s Body Guard who died at Cheltenham June 19th 1888. Aged 64 years. Also of Thomas Robert Pakenham."

Pakenham - Lieutenant General Sir Hercules Rowley -
Born: 29th September 1781. Served Peninsular War. KCB 1838
Gartree Church Memorial -
"Lt. Gen. Sir Hercules Rowley Pakenham KCB, Col of 43 Light Infantry, Deputy Lt of Co Antrim and for 8 years Lt Gov of Portsmouth, commanding the SW district of England. He was 3rd son of 2nd Lord Longford and grandson of the Countess of Longford who survived her son. Born 1781, he entered the Army 1803, in which he served with highest distinction, having been engaged at the siege & capture of Copenhagen 1807, also in the Peninsular campaigns of 1809, 10, 11 & 12, including the Battles of Elkadeir, Roleia Viniera, Ponchal, Foz d'Aronca, Salincal, Busaco, & Fuentes d'Onor and siege & storm of Cuidad Rodrico, 2 sieges & storm of Badajoz, at the asault of which he was severly wounded. He received the Gold Medal for Busaco, Foz d'Aronca, Cuidad Rodrico & Badajoz and Silver Medal for Roleira Vimiera and 2 clasps. He married Hon Emily Stapleton, dau of Lord Le Despencer, by whom he left 6 sons ad 3 daughters. He died suddenly at Langford Lodge 8 March 1850."

Paley - Lieutenant Charles Thomas - 94th Foot -
died 12th July 1859.
Son of Thomas Paley.
Grave at Murree -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut C.T. Paley H.M. 94th Regt who died at Murree on the 12th July 1859."
Tablet in St. John's Church, Peshawar -
"This tablet is erected by the officers of Her Majesty's 94th regiment to the memory of four of their comrades who died of disease contracted in the Punjab during the years 1858 and 1859 deserving this expression of warm regard. Ensign J.E.H. Wheeler died 17th September 1858. Surgeon T. Cowan M.D. died 7th November 1858. Captain N.B. Walton died 29th June 1859. Lieutenant C.T. Paley died 11th July 1859."

Palmer - Ensign Henry Edmund Mitchell - 41st Madras Native Infantry - died 19th November 1846.
Grave at Vizagapatam -
"Sacred to the memory of Ensign Hy. Edmd. Mitchell Palmer of the 41st Regiment N.I. who departed this life on the 19th November 1846 aged 25 years."

Parker - Colonel Charles - Bengal Artillery - died 27th April 1837.
Served Bhurtpore 1825.
Monument in Simla -
"To the memory of Col. Cha's Parker Bengal Art'y who died at Simla 27th April 1837. aetat 54. This monument has been erected by his brother officers in token of their regard and esteem for a warm friend and an ornament to their profession."

Parker - Ensign Edward Binney - 26th Foot - died 5th August 1838.
Grave at Bhowanipore -
"To the memory of Edward Binney Parker, Ensign H.M. 26th (or Cameronian) Regt. who died Aug. 5th 1838, aged 16 years. This monument is erected by his friends in the Regiment."

Parker - Lieutenant T.J. - 18th Foot - died 26th January 1843.
Memorial at Churchyard of High Halden church, Kent -
"Lieut. & Adjt. T.J. Parker 18th The Royal Regiment died at Newry in Ireland on 26 January 1843 aged 33 years. Erected by his brother officers - sympathizing with his family - have placed this tribute &c in the church of High Halden."

Parker - Captain William James - 1st European Light Infantry -
died 4th November 1843.
Son of Sir William George Parker, of Harburn, Warwickshire. Born 1811. Served Ghuzni 1839 (medal). Married Margaret Greaves at Serampore, 29th July 1841.
Grave at Simla -
"Sacred to the memory of Bt Captain Parker 1st European Light Infantry who died at Simla November 4th 1843. This monument is erected by his brother officers as a mark of their esteem."

Parkin - ? George - Life Guards - died 2nd July 1843.
Memorial at Helmdon church, Northampton -
"Sacred to the memory of Geo. Parkin. In his early life he served in the Regt. of Life Guards and subsequently in the Fencible Reg. of his County during the Irish Rebellion in the Reign of King George and died in his native village on the 2nd day of July 1843 aged 77 years".

Parks - Lieutenant Edward - 73rd Foot -
died October 1789.
Grave at Cawnpore -
"Lieut Edward Parks of His Majesty's 73rd Regt October 1789."

Parminter - Major Richard - 1/6th Madras Native Infantry - died 16th October 1819.
Grave at Vizianagram -
"Erected to the memory of Major Richd, Parminter 1st Battn. 6th Regt. who departed this life on the 16th October 1819."

Parry - Lieutenant-Colonel Sidney - Royal Horse Artillery - died 14th July 1883.
Son of Frederick J.S. Parry. Born 26th January 1840. Served Afghanistan 1879 (medal and 2 bars).
Grave at Murree -
"In loving memory of Sidney Parry, Bt Lieut Colonel Royal Horse Artillery, who died at Murree July 14th 1883, aged 43 years."

Parsons - Ensign William Cunliffe - 5th Bengal Native Infantry - died 4th January 1851.
Son of Lieutenant-General James Ducket Parsons, CB (Bengal Infantry). Born at Hissar, 24th June 1828.
Grave at Ludhiana -
"Sacred to the memory of William Cunliffe Parsons 5th Regt N. Infy son of Brigadier James Parsons, CB, born on the 24th of June 1828, died on the 4th of January 1851 universally esteemed & respected by all who knew him."

Part - Captain James Henry - Lincolnshire Regiment - died 27th August 1887.
Grave at Osu Cemetery, Accra, Ghana -
"James Henry Part, Captain 4th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment, Assistant Commissioner of Civil Police, Gold Coast, died Accra 27 Aug. 1887, ( on the same day as his loving mother ), aged 30."

Partridge - Lieutenant Henry Miles - Royal Engineer - died 22nd October 1890.
Grave at Quetta -
"In memory of Henry Miles Partridge. Lieutenant Royal Engineers who died at Quetta 22 Oct 1890. Aged 24 yrs. This stone was erected by his brother."

Paske - Captain John Curtis - 14th Madras Native Infantry - died 6th November 1871.
Grave at Cantonment Cemetery, Rangoon -
"Captain John Curtis Paske H.M.14th Regiment M.N.I. Died 6th November 1871. Monument erected by his brother officers."

Passy - Lieutenant-Colonel Harry Everard - Indian Army - died 22nd December 1904.
Grave at Rawalpindi -
"To the beloved memory of Harry Everard Passy Lt. Col. I.A. Born August 28th 1854. Died December 22nd 1904."
Tablet in Christ Church, Rawalpindi - "Sacred to the memory of Lt Col Harry Everard Passy Controller of Military Accounts who died at Rawalpindi on the 22nd December 1904. This tablet is erected by his brother officers."

Paterson - Major Francis Stuart - 54th Bengal Native Infantry - died 26th May 1860.
Served Afghanistan 1842 (medal), Sutlej 1845 (medal).
Grave at Cashmere Gate cemetery, Delhi -
"Sacred to the memory of Major F.S. Paterson late 54th Regt N.I. died at Delhi 26th May 1860 aged 42 years."

Paterson - D.A.C.G. James - died 25th December 1854.
Grave at Inveresk Kirkyard, Scotland -
"James Paterson, Deputy-Assistant Commissary-General during the service in Egypt, the Peninsula, and at Waterloo, who died on the 25th of December 1854, aged 73 years."

Paterson - Lieutenant Somerled Lorn - Royal Dublin Fusiliers - died 25th July 1895.
Grave at Quetta -
"Somerled Lorn Paterson. Lieutenant in HM's 103rd Regiment Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Born in Montreal, Canada 22 Jan. 1871. Died Quetta 25 July 1895 from injuries received when playing polo. Deeply regretted by his family, many friends and brother officers to whom his bright unselfish nature had endeared him."

Paton - Lieutenant Charles Stewart - Bengal Engineers - died 14th May 1852.
Son of Captain John Forbes Paton (Bengal Engineers). Born in Calcutta, 11th January 1826. Served Sutlej 1845 (medal), Punjab 1848 (medal and 2 bars).
Grave at Simla -
"Sacred to the memory of Charles Stewart Paton Lieutenant of the Corps of Bengal Engineers who died at Simla on the 14th of May 1852 aged 26 years."

Patten - Captain Thomas - 7th Dragoon Guards - died 28th September 1805.
Grave at Inveresk Kirkyard, Scotland -
"This stone is erected by Mrs Eleanora Patten, to the memory of her affectionate husband, Captain Thomas Patten, Paymaster of the 7th Dragoon Guards, who departed this life on the 28th September 1805, aged 67 years."

Pattenson - 1st Lieutenant Henry Thomas Tylden - Bengal Horse Artillery - died 13th March 1848.
Son of Cooke Tylden Pattenson (served 95th Foot officer in the Peninsula), of Ibornden, Kent. Born 13th May 1824. Served Sutlej (medal and bar).
Grave at Ludhiana -
"Sacred to the memory of 1st Lieutenant Henry Thomas Tylden Pattenson of the 1st Troop 1st Brigade Horse Artillery who died at Loodianah on the 13th of March 1848, in the 24th year of his age. This tomb is erected as a tribute of their esteem and regard by his brother officers."
Memorial at Biddenden church, Kent - "Sacred to the memory of Henry Thomas Tylden-Pattenson, 1st Lieutenant, Bengal Horse Artillery, third son of Cooke Tylden-Pattenson of Ibornden, Esquire, who died at Lodiana, 13th March 1848 aged 23 years ten months. In the campaign on the Sutlege her served in the Battles of Aliural and Sobraon. His brother officers as a tribute of their regard erected a tomb over his remains at Lodiana. His esteemed Commandant Lieutenant Colonel Huthwaite CB. placed a tablet to his memory in the church at Dum Dum."

Pattenson - Captain William Hodges Tylden - 25th Foot - died 1st May 1894.
Memorial at Biddenden church, Kent - "William Hodges Tylden-Pattenson, J.P. D.L. Captain of His Majesty’s 25th Regiment Kings Own Borderers of Ibornden and Dashmonden in this parish. Eldest son of Lieutenant Colonel Cooke Tylden Pattenson. Born 12th March 1822 died 1st May 1894, and of Elizabeth his wife only daughter of Reverend James Boys M.A Rector of this parish, born 6th December 1832 died 19th January 1892. Erected by their children."

Patterson - Major Andrew - 29th Foot - died 1821.
Grave at Clifton Street Graveyard, Belfast -
"In memory of Major Andrew Patterson late of His Majesty's 29th Reg born at Leith, Anno 1778 died here, Anno 1821."

Patterson - Captain Claude Durham - 21st Foot - died 23rd September 1875.
Memorial at Northam church, Devon -
"In memoriam Claude Durham Patterson Capt 21st Royal Scots Fusiliers who died at Bassein in Burmah Sept 23rd 1875 Aged 31 years. Erected by his Brother Officers in token of their sorrow and affectionate esteem."

Pattison - Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Hope, KH - 2nd West India Regiment - died 11th January 1835.
Served as Lieutenant 74th Foot in the Peninsula. Wounded at Badajoz and Pyrenees.
Memorial at St. Mathew's, New Providence, Bahamas -
"Alexander Hope Pattison, Lieutenant-Colonel of the 2nd West India Regiment, commanding Troops in this Colony. Second son of John Pattison of Kelvin, died 11th January 1835, aged 48. Buried with impressive ceremonial in St. Mathew's Churchyard, New Providence. He was one of the 3rd Division and served on the Staff of Picton and at Salamanca, etc. His fellow citizens first erected a monument in the Necropolis of Glasgow, and his widow Anna, second daughter of His Honour Judge Robert Johnson erected this stone over his ashes in which also rests his nephew."

Pattison - Lieutenant Alexander Hope - 2nd West India Regiment - died 28th September 1834.
Memorial at St. Mathew's, New Providence, Bahamas -
"Alexander Hope Pattison, Lieutenant, 2nd West India Regiment, fifth son of John Pattison, Esq., of Glasgow, N.B. and the nephew of Lieutenant-Colonel Pattison K.H., Commanding the Troops in this Colony, died of Yellow Fever at Nassau, 28th September 1834, aged 21. Erected by his brother officers."

Patullo - Captain James - 1st European Bengal Fusiliers - died 17th June 1845.
Grave at Cawnpore -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain James Patullo 1st E B Fusiliers who departed this life June 17th 1845 aged 31 years."

Paul - Major Robert - Fauconberg's Regiment - died 29th December 1782.
Memorial at St. Helen's, Abingdon, Oxfordshire -
"To the memory of Robert Paul, Major of Lord Fauconberg's Regiment of Yorkshire North Riding Volunteers who died Decr 29th AD 1782 aged 51 years justly regretted by his brother officers for his military skill unaffected manners amiable temper and unblemished integrity as the soldier the friend and the man."

Pauli - Lieutenant George John Henry - Madras Artillery - died 20th May 1848.
Son of George and Jane Pauli, of London.
Grave at Penang -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut George John Henry Pauli of the Madras Artillery who departed this life on the 20th May 1848. Aged 21 years."

Peak - 2nd Lieutenant Henry Maxwell - Norfolk Regiment - died 17th October 1890.
Son of George Peak, of Herefordshire. Born at Ashton, Chester, 22nd April 1867.
Tablet at Lahore Cathedral -
"To the glory of God and to the memory of the follwing Officers of the 24th Punjab Infantry who died or were killed in action between the years 1889 and 1895. 2nd Lieutenant H.M. Peak 'The Norfolk Regiment' attached to 24th Punjab Infantry, died at Sialkote on 17th October 1890 aged 23 years."

Peake - Riding Master Thomas - 10th Bengal Light Cavalry - died 31st May 1850.
Served Bhurtpore 1825, Afghanistan 1842 (medal), Maharajpoor 1843 (star).
Peake - Riding Master Samuel - 10th Bengal Light Cavalry - died 10th November 1850.
Served Bhurtpore 1825 (11th Light Dragoons), Afghanistan 1842 (medal), Maharajpoor 1843 (star).
Tablet in St. Luke's Church, Jullundur -
"Sacred to the memory of the late Thomas Peake, Riding Master 10th Regt Lt Cavalry, who died at Kurtapore on the 31st May 1850 aged 54 years. and of his brother the late Samuel Peake, Riding Master 10th regt Lt Cavalry who died at Lahore on the 10th November 1850 aged 46 years. both were very efficient officers and highly esteemed for their moral worth and strict integrity, they are sincerely regretted by the officers of the 10th Cavalry by whom this tablet is erected."

Pearse - Colonel Thomas Deane - Bengal Artillery - died 15th June 1789.
Grave at Calcutta -
"Sacred to the memory of Thomas Deane Pearse, Esq. late Colonel in the service of the Hon. East India Company. He was an officer in the Royal Artillery; in 1757 was present at the sieges of Guadaloupe, the Havannah, and Bellisle. In 1786 he came to India with the rank of Major in the Artillery, and in 1769 succeeded to the Command of that Corps, which he retained until his death. He marched a detachment to join the army under Sir Eyre Coote, in the Carnatic; and served there during the war, and returned to Bengal in 1785, and for the last three years of his life he was senior officer of the Bengal army. In his public capacity, he distinguished himself by his abilities and unwearied attention to the duties of his station, and to the general interests of those he commanded. As an individual he was respected for the benevolence of his disposition, and for the warmth of his friendship. He died on the 15th June 1789, aged 47 years."

Pearson - Lieutenant Henry Brandreth - 56th Bengal Native Infantry - died 15th October 1849.
Served Punjab 1848 (medal and 2 bars).
Grave at Simla -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieutt H.B. Pearson 56th Regt Native Infantry who died at Simlah on the 15th October 1849 aged 22 years. This tomb is erected by his brother officers as a testimony of their sincere regard."

Pelly - Captain Henry Raymond - Royal Engineers - died 29th July 1869.
Memorial at St. Peter's church, Farborough, Hampshire -
"To the dear memory of Henry Raymond Pelly Captain Royal Engineers Born 15 May 1829 Died 29 July 1869."

Pemberton - Lieutenant Duncan Scott - Royal Artillery - died 23rd August 1888.
Son of Captain Robert Boileau Pemberton (44th Bengal N.I.). Born in Calcutta, 25th February 1837. Served Mutiny 1857 (medal and bar). Married Lilley Sandys at Simla, 5th September 1877. (his second marriage).
Grave at Srinagar -
"In loving memory of Colonel Duncan Scott Pemberton, Royal Artillery, died 23.8.1888."
Tablet in St. Mary Magdalene's Church, Lahore -
"Sacred to the loved memory of Colonel Duncan Scott Pemberton Royal Artillery who died at Gulmarg, Kashmir, on the 23rd August 1888, aged 51. and of Lieut. Colonel Sholto Edmonstone Pemberton Royal Artillery who died at Mian Mir on the 25th Sept. 1889 aged 49."

Pemberton - Lieutenant Seymour Blanshard - 2nd West India Regiment - died 7th October 1881.
Grave at Cemetery, Needham's Point, Barbados -
"Seymour Blanshard Pemberton, Lieutenant, 2nd West India Regiment. Who died of Yellow Fever, 7th October 1881. Aged 25 years."

Pemberton - Lieutenant-Colonel Sholto Edmonstone - Royal Artillery - died 25th September 1889.
Son of Captain Robert Boileau Pemberton (44th Bengal N.I.). Born in Berhampore, 17th April 1840. Served Umbeyla 1863 (medal and bar), Afghanistan 1879 (medal). Married Marion Lane at Mian Mir, 6th November 1877.
Grave at Lahore -
"IHS. In loving memory of Sholto Edmonstone Pemberton Lieut. Colonel Royal Artillery who died at Mian Mir on the 25th September 1889 aged 49 years."

Pennyman - Sir William - died 22nd August 1643.
Sir William Pennyman raised a 'Regiment of Foote from the Yorkshire Trained Bands.'
Grave in Christ Church Oxford -
"Here is buried William Pennyman, Baronet, distinguished for his knightly rank, and fortune just as exalted, outstanding for his obedience and loyalty to the best and also most cruelly treated of princes, King Charles. Who, when of late the abominable rebellion began, immediately joined the Royalist party and, when his most serene king was otherwise unarmed, robbed of fleet, weaponry, fortressses and every warlike protection, and armed only with the bare title of royalty, was the first to raise by his own efforts, and equip him with two companies, one of cavalry, and the other of infantry, which he also commanded in person; and not long after was given the command of the garrison of Oxford. In this task he performed so well that neither his predecessor Ashley nor his successor Ashton (both men of warlike renown) could obscure his brilliance. At last, carried off by the plague fever in the prime of his life and distinctions, he died a premature death, leaving sadness and a sense of loss in the hearts of all by whom, because of his charm and friendliness, he had been deservedly held most dear. He died on the 22nd of August 1643, winning a tomb in the same House as that wherein he had first begun his education. He lies buried in this tomb who had deserved so well."

Penrice - Captain George - Bengal Artillery -
died 30th June 1848.
Grave at Phillaur -
"In memory of Captain George Penrice of the Bengal Artillery deceased June 30 1848. his brother officers who esteemed his friendship, desire to mark this resting place of the mortal remains of a Christian man, appreciating his character on earth they trust that his witness also is in Heaven and his record on high."

Percival - Veterinary Surgeon John - Royal Artillery - died December 1830.
Grave at West Wickham, Kent -
"John Percival, Esquire, late Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Royal Artillery at Woolwich died December 1830 aetat 62."

Perks - Lieutenant George - 23rd Madras Light Infantry - died 15th December 1825.
Married Rose Boddam, 27th July 1824, youngest daughter of the late Charles Boddam, Bengal Civil Service.
Grave at Bellary Cantonment Cemetery, Bellary -
"Lieut. George Perks of the 23rd Regiment, W.L.I., died 15th Decr 1825, aged 23 years."

Perry - Captain Ernest Wenman - 40th Foot - died 20th June 1879.
Grave at Quetta -
"Sacred to the memory of Ernest Wenman Perry. Captain HM's 40th Regt. who died from dysentry on 20th June 1879. Aged 32."

Perry - Captain J.P. - 38th Foot - died 12th April 1824.
Grave at Calcutta -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain J.P. Perry, late of H.M. 38th Regiment, who died on the 12th April 1824, most deservedly regretted."

Pettat - Captain Thomas John - 7th Hussars - died 17th April 1857.
Memorial in Stonehouse Church, Gloucestershire -
"In memory of Thomas John Pettat (formerly Captn. in the Q.O. 7th Hussars), eldest son of the late Revd. Thomas and Ann Frances Pettat. He was born on the 17th of December 1808; died 17th of April 1857. His mortal remains lie in the adjoining south family-vault."

Phillips - Colonel Henry - Indian Army -
died 4th October 1912.
Memorial at St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermaston, Berkshire -
"To the glory of God and in loving memory of Henry Phillips Colonel (late Indian Army) 3rd son of James Phillips of Bryngwyn Herefordshire. Born 3rd December 1833. Died at Aldermaston 4th October 1912. Loved and regretted by all who knew him. This tablet is erected by his sister, nephews and nieces."

Phillpotts - Lieutenant Thomas Charles - Bengal Engineers - died 7th September 1843.
Son of Colonel George Phillpotts (Royal Engineers), of Corwall.
Grave at Rajpura cemetery, Delhi -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut T.C. Phillpotts, Engineers who departed this life at Delhee the 7th September 1843."

Pierson - Surgeon Alfred Henry - Indian Medical Service - died 29th January 1891.
Grave at Quetta -
"In loving memory of Alfred Henry Pierson. Surgeon. Indian Medical Service Medical Officer, Chaman Extension State Railway who died at Shalabagh 29 Jan. 1891. Aged 33 yrs. This stone was erected by his many friends and comrades in the Khojak."

Pigott - Lieutenant Charles Caesar - 18th Bengal Native Infantry - died ?
Son of Colonel William Pigott, of Wexford, Ireland.
Memorial at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"Also to the memory of Lieutenant Charles Caesar Pigott 18th Bengal Native Infantry, youngest son of the late Colonel William Pemberton Pigott, of Slevoy Castle Co. Wexford Ireland, who died and was buried at sea aged 32 years." (His widow's grave).

Pinder - Lieutenant Charles William - 55th Foot - died 18th February 1841.
Grave at Bhowanipore -
"Sacred to the memory of Charles William Pinder, Esq. Lieut. H.M. 55th Regiment, who died at Fort William on the 18th February 1841, aged 25 years."

Piper - Lieutenant Albert Benjamin Charles - 120th Rajputana Infantry - died 4th December 1920.
Grave at Quetta -
"In memory of Albert Benjamin Charles Piper. Lieutenant 120th Rajputana Infantry who died at Sibi 4 Dec. 1920. Age 25 years. This stone was erected by his brother officers."

Pitcher - Captain Henry William , V.C. - 1st Punjab Infantry - died 5th July 1875.
Served Mutiny 1857 (medal and bar), Waziri-Mahsud 1860 (medal and bar), Umbeyla 1863 (bar and VC).
Grave at Dera Ghazi Khan -
"Here rest the mortal remains of Henry William Pitcher V.C. who died at Dehra Ghazi Khan on the 5th July 1875 aged 34 years."
Tablet in Dera Ghazi Khan Church - "In memory of Captain Henry William Pitcher V.C. 1st Punjab Infantry died at Dear Ghazi Khan 5th July 1875 aged 34 years. Erected by his comrades of the 1st Punjab Infantry."

Pleydell - Major Thomas Baker - Royal Marine Light Infantry - died 15th November 1904.
Grave at Northam cemetery, Devon -
"In memory of Thomas Baker Pleydell, Late Major R.M.L.I. who died at Westward Ho November 15th 1904 Aged 89."

Plowden - Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Wellington Chicheley - 1st European Light Cavalry - died 3rd January 1861
Son of Richard Chicheley Plowden (salt agent at Hijili, Bengal) and Sophia Fleming. Born in Calcutta, 1st November 1814. Served Ghuzni 1839 (medal), Sutlej 1845 (medal 2 bars). Married Caroline Mackenzie, 7th May 1840.
Grave at Dehra Dun -
"Arthur Wellington Chicheley Plowden. Born in Calcutta 1 November 1814. Died in Dehra Dun 3rd January 1861. Cadet 1832. Cornet June 1833. Arrived India December 1833. Lieut December 1841. Captain October 1852. Bt. Major October 1852. Bt. Lieut. Colonel October 1860."

Plumer - Lieutenant Thomas Henry - 49th Bengal Native Infantry - died 14th December 1848.
Grave near Bhakhar Arabi, Multan -
"In memory of Thomas Henry Plumer Lieut. 49th Regt Bengl N.I. who died on the 14th December 1848 aged 27 years."

Podmore - General Richard - Madras Army - died 24th July 1870.
Grave at St. Peter's Church, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Glos -
"In memory of General Richard Podmore, of the Madras Army, who died July 24th 1870. Aged 90 years. Also of Julia Augusta Podmore, wife of the above, who died Dec. 14th 1881."

Pogson - Lieutenant John Frederick - Bengal Army - died 20th October 1890.
Son of Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Wredenhall Pogson (47th N.I.) Born at Muttra, 24th January 1823. Served Sutlej 1845 (medal). Married Adelaide McAuliffe at Ambala, 5th February 1852.
Grave at Kotgarh -
"Sacred to the memory of John Frederick Pogson (Bengal Army) Born 24th Janry 1823. Died 20 Oct. 1890."

Pogson - Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Vere - Indian Army Service Corps - died 17th February 1933.
Grave at Quetta -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Vere Pogson. Indian Army Service Corps. Died 17 Feb. 1933. Erected by his wife."

Polkinghorne - Captain Stewart - Royal Marine Light Infantry - died 2nd February 1890.
Grave at the Protestant Cemetery, Rome, Italy -
"In loving memory of my dear husband Captain Stewart Polkinghorne R.M.L.I. Born at Plymouth July 4th 1847. died at Rome February 2nd 1890."

Pollard - Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Horatio - 20th Madras Infantry - died 18th May 1898.
Son of Benjamin Pollard, of Spa, Gloucestershire. Born in Gloucester, 19th October 1849.
Grave at Kohat -
"In loving memory of Lt Col B.H. Pollard Comdt 20th M.I. who died at Kohat May 18th 1898."

Poole - Riding Master Andrew Smith - 5th Bengal Light Cavalry - died 28th August 1851.
Born in Leicester, 31st March 1797. Served Bhurtpore 1825 (11th Light Dragoons), Ghuzni 1839 (medal), Sutlej 1845 (medal and 3 bars), Punjab (medal and 2 bars).
Grave at Nakodar -
"A.S. Poole Riding Master 5th Light Cavalry Born 31st March 1797. Died 28th August 1851."

Poole - Lieutenant-Colonel Gabriel Roland Ruscombe - 12th Royal Lancers - died 5th November 1905.
Memorial at Footscray church, Kent -
"Gabriel Roland Ruscombe Poole, Lt.-Col, late 12th Royal Lancers and formerly of the 5th Royal Irish Lancers died 5.11.1905. Also his wife Agnes Sealy Poole died December 24 1918."

Porteous - Major Charles - 2nd Bengal Native Infantry - died 8th April 1816.
Grave at Bencoolen -
"Here lie the remains of the late Majr. Chas. Porteous 2nd Bn. Regt. Bl. N.I. Who departed this life the 8th April 1816 Aged 39 Years. This monument is erected as a small tribute of respect to his memory by the officers of his Corps."

Porteous - Inspector-General Edward - Army Medical Department - died 12th September 1843.
Assistant-Surgeon 5th Foot, 1799. Served Egypt 1807, Peninsula 1812-14. Retired 1821.
Grave at The Protestant Cemetery, Florence, Italy -
"Sacred to the memory of Edward Porteus Esqre. Deputy Inspector General of Army Hositals in H.B. Majesty's Service, nephew to the late right Revd. Rector Beilby Porteus late Bishop of London. Departed this life at Florence on the 12 Sept 1843 aged 68 years. This monument to the memory of an affectionate husband a good father and an able friend is erected by his disconsolate widow Domenica and surviving only son George."

Pott - Lieutenant John - 13th Light Dragoons - died 31st January 1822.
Grave at Agram Cemetery, Bangalore -
"Beneath a tomb close to this pillar rest the mortal remains of Lieut. John Pott, H.M. 13th Dragoons, who died 31st January 1822 Aged 25 years. The Tomb and this Memorial of their loss is erected by his sorrowing brother officers."

Potter - Captain John - 2nd Bengal European Regiment - died 14th June 1782.
Grave at Cawnpore -
"Erected to the memory of Captain John Potter departed this life the 14th June 1782."

Potter - Captain W.B. - 22nd Foot - died 4th July 1882.
Grave at Peshawar -
"In memory of Captain W.B. Potter. 22nd (Cheshire Regiment). Died 4th July 1882. Aged 35."

Powell - Ensign J.M. - 2/14th Native Infantry - died 16th July 1821.
Grave at Chitaldroog Cemetery, Mysore - "Sacred to the memory of Ensign J.M. Powell, 2nd Battn. 14th Regt Native Infy, perished at Chitaldroog by the accidental explosion of gunpowder on the 16th of July 1821, and was thus awfully summoned from this transitory life at the tender age of 18 years. He was an amiable youth of great promise."

Powell - Lieutenant-Colonel John, C.I.E., O.B.E. - died 13th July 1938.
Tablet at St. Paul's Church, Rawalpindi -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant Colonel John Powell, CIE, OBE, who died at Murree on 13 July 1938. Aged 82 yrs 6 mths."

Powell - Lieutenant-Colonel Simpson - Royal Army Medical Corps - died 23rd March 1911.
Grave at Cantonment Cemetery, Rangoon -
"Lieut Colonel Simpson Powell, MD, RAMC, Eldest son of Christopher Roland Powell of South Borough, Kent. Born 12th July 1858. Died at Rangoon 23rd March 1911."

Powers - Lieutenant-General Sir Manley, K.C.B., KTS - died July .....
Bath Abbey, Somerset -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut. Gen. Sir Manley Power, K.C.B., KTS. He was highly distinguished as an Officer
through the Peninsular War. The Military Commander entrusted to him dear testimony to the confidence reposed in his valour and .... his intrepid discharge of them proved how sincere was his zeal and devotion to his country. He died at Berne in Switzerland July ......
(after a few hours illness) returning to England from Malta where he had been Lieut. Governor six years. An urbanity of manners and sacred attachment to all that was honourable endear his memory to his connections and friends and render his loss irreparable to his afflicted widow and family."

Powys - Captain Edward Shawe - 61st Foot -
died 23rd September 1855.
Son of Henry Philip Powys, of Hardwick, Oxfordshire. Born March 1826. Served Punjab 1848 (medal and 2 bars).
Grave at Srinagar -
"Edward Shawe Powys Esqr Captain H.M. 61st Regiment. Died 23rd September 1855. Aged 29 years 6 months. Deeply and sincerely regretted by his brother officers."

Price - Quarter-Master James - 24th Foot - died 4th July 1849.
Served about 18 years in the ranks. Served Punjab 1848 (medal and 2 bars).
Grave at Saroke Cemetery, near Wazirabad -
"To the memory of Qr Mr J. Price H.M. 24th Regt. died 4th July 1849 aged 43 years ten months."

Prickett - Major F.C., CBE, MC - Northumberland Fusiliers - died 3rd December 1934.
Grave at Evangelical Presbyterian Cemetery, Ho, Volta Region, Ghana -
"Major F.C.Prickett CBE, MC, Assistant Commissioner, Gold Coast Police, late 5th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers and Gold Coast Regiment, RWAFF. Killed in a motor accident near Peki on 3 Dec 1934, aged 39 years."

Prinsep - Captain Thomas - Bengal Engineers -
died 23rd January 1830.
Grave at Calcutta -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain Thomas Prinsep, Bengal Engineers, born on the 15th September 1800. killed by a fall from his horse 23d January 1830."

Pritchard - Commander John Appleby - Royal Navy - died 12th September 1863.
Memorial in St. Judes Church, Portsmouth -
"In Memory of Commander John Appleby Pritchard RN who died at sea Sept 12th 1862 on his passage home from Ceylon aged 47 years."

Proctor - Surgeon George - 8th Light Dragoons - died 6th August 1808.
Husband of Elizabrth Anne Proctor.
Grave at Cawnpore -
"Sacred to the memory of George Proctor Esq Surgeon of His Majesty's eight or King's Royal Irish Light Dragoons who departed this life 6th of August 1808 and has left a large family and numerous friends to lament his early loss."

Poulter - Lieutenant Brownlow - Royal Engineers - died 22nd June 1879.
Grave at Peshawar -
"In memory of Lieutenant Brownlow Poulter. Born 18th July 1852. Died 22nd June 1879 from the effects of illness contracted on service Afghan War 1878-79. Aged 27 years."