Quayle - Major John Taubman - 33rd Foot - died 29th May 1859
Memorial at St. Mary's Church, Castletown, Isle of Man -
"In memory of John Edward Taubman Quayle, eldest son of John Quayle, Esq., of Castletown, Brevet Major and senior Captain of the 33rd, Duke of Wellington's Regiment, who died at Stirat on the 29th of May, 1859, aged 35 years, from the effects of a sunstroke received whilst in command of a field force sent against the mutineers. He served in the W. Indies and N. America, and was at the Battle of Alma and the Siege of Sebastopol, where he was shot through the body, for which service he received the Cross of the Legion of Honour, the Crimean medal and clasps, and the Turkish Order of the Medjide."

Quesne - Major Alfred Charles Le - 5th Regiment, Hyderabad Contingent - died 20th September 1881.
Memorial at St. Helier's Church, Jersey -
"In loving remembrance of Alfred Charles Le Quesne Brevet Major Bengal Staff Corps 5th Regt Inf. Hyderabad Contingent who died of cholera at Thelum Punjab on 20th Sept. 1881 aged 33 years having served 'with distinction' throuhgout the Afghan Camapign & Wazirir Expedition, he died on the eve of his return home after an absence of 13 years deservedly beloved by all who knew him, he was cut off in the prime of his life, to the inexpressible grief of his family."

Quesne - Surgeon Ferdinand Simeon Le, VC - Medical Staff - died 14th April 1950.
Born at Jersey, 25 Dec. 1863. Died in Bristol 14th April 1950 and buried at Canford Cemetery, Westbury-on-Trym.
Memorial at St. Helier's Church, Jersey -
"In memory of Surgeon Ferdinand Simeon Le Quesne VC Gazetted for barvery under fire with the Chin Field Force in Burma on 24 May 1889. Presented by 201 (Northern) Field Hospital (Volunteers) Newcastle Upon Tyne June 1999."

Quill - Captain Henry - 32nd Foot -
died 26th March 1849.
Received the Military General Service Medal and Waterloo Medal. His sons - Lieutenant Thomas P. Quill (80th Foot) died at Calcutta 25th August 1853. Lieutenant Henry Quill (35th Foot) died 25th September 1863.
Grave at Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain Henry Quill, late 32nd Foot. He served with his corps to the close of the Peninsular War. At the siege of Burgos his leg was shattered and his left eye carried away by a ball. He received two gunshot wounds in the chest at Waterloo. One of the balls fractured the collar-bone and penetrated the lung, in which it became embedded. The long train of suffering ensuing, and the haemorrhage it induced, ultimately proved fatal. Died 26th March 1849."

Quilliam - Captain John - Royal Navy - died 10th October 1829.
Memorial at Kirk Arbory, Isle of Man -
"Sacred to the memory of John Quilliam Esq, Captn of the Royal Navy. In his early service he was appointed by Adm Lord Duncan to act as Lieutenant at the battle of Camperdown after the Victory was achieved, this appointment was confirmed. His gallantry and professional skill at the Battle of Copenhagen attracted notice of Lord Nelson, who subsequently sought for his services on board his own ship and as his Lordship's first Lieut, he steered the Victory into action at the Battle of Trafalgar. By the example of Duncan and Nelson, he learned to conquer, by his own merit he rose to command. Above all this he was an honest man, the noblest work of God. After many years of honorable and distinguished professional service, he retires to this, the land of his affectionate solicitude and birth. Where in his public station as a member of the House of Keys, and in private life he was in arduous times the uncompromising defender of the rights and privileges of his country men and the zealous and able supporter of every measure tending to promote the welfare and the best interests of his country. He departed this life on the 10 October 1829, in the 59th years of his age. His monument is erected by Margaret C. Quilliam, to the memory of her beloved husband."

Quin - Lieutenant Richard Owen - 2nd Bengal Cavalry - died June 1857.
Son of Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Quin (4th Light Cavalry). Born at Meerut, 21st March 1829. Served Punjab 1848 (medal and bar), Mutiny 1857. Father below.
Grave in Simla -
"Also of his elder son Richard Owen Quin Lieutenant in the 2nd Bengal Cavalry who died of fever in the Entrenched Camp at Cawnpore June 1857 aged 28 years and 3 months. This tablet is erected by the widow and mother of the above."

Quin - Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas - 4th Bengal Lancers - died 7th November 1857.
Born 30th September 1805. Served Maharajpoor 1843 (star), Sutlej 1845 (medal and 3 bars, wounded), Punjab 1848 (medal and bar). Married Henrietta Philips at Nasirabad, 2nd June 1828. Son above.
Grave in Simla -
"Sacred to the memory of Thomas Quin Bt Lt Colonel in the 4th Bengal Lancers who died at Simla the 7th day of November 1857 aged 52 years one month and 7 days."