Tabor - Captain Samuel James - 7th Bengal Light Cavalry - died 21st August 1849.
Born 1809. Served Punjab 1848 (medal).
Grave at Jullundur -
"Sacred to the memory of Samuel James Tabor late a Captain in the 7th Light Cavalry who departed this life 21st August 1849 aged 40 years. this tablet is erected by his brother officers in token of their regard and esteem."

Tait - Lieutenant-Colonel James Salisbury - Bengal Staff Corps - died 15th December 1886.
Born in India, 12th June 1837. Served Mutiny 1857 (medal and 2 bars).
Grave at Dharmsala -
"Erected by his widow in loving memory of James Salisbury Tait Lt Colonel Ben. Staff Corps, who died at Dharmsala 15th Decr 1886. God is love."

Tallan - Lieutenant William - 57th Bengal Native Infantry - died 4th November 1852.
Born in Ireland, 1826.
Grave at Lahore -
"Sacred to the memory of the late Lieutenant William Tallan 57th Regiment B.N.I. who died November 4th 1852 aged 27 years. This monument is erected as a memorial of esteem by his brother officers."

Tapp - Major-General Horatio Thomas - Bengal Army - died 9th April 1849.
Served Mahratta war 1803, Mahratta-Pindari war 1817.
Grave at Subathu -
"Sacred to the memory of Major General Horatio Thomas Tapp Bengal Establishment who died at Kaltoo Subathoo 9th April 1849 in his 64th year."

Tarleton - General Sir Banastre - 8th Hussars - died 16th January 1833.
Memorial at Leintwardine church -
"Near this place are deposited the mortal remains of Sir Banastre Tarleton Baronet - General in the Army - Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, Governor of Berwick-on-Tweed, Colonel of the Gallant 8th Hussars. He represented his native town of Liverpool for seven sessions and closed his distinguished career in this place Jan. 16, 1833. He was a tender-hearted husband, an indulgent master and liberal benefactor to the poor. This monument is raised by his bereaved widow as testimony of her affection. But he has a more imperishable memory for himself in the annals of his country, and in the hearts of many friends. He was a hero, his youth's idol, glory, He courted on the battlefield of war. England exulted in her valiant son And stamped his name for ever on her story. Time's trophy gained and sheathed the warrior's sword, He turned him sated from the world's renown To die the humble soldier of his Lord, And change earth's laurel for a heavenly crown."

Taubman - Captain Charles Francis Goldie - King's Own Regtiment - died 23rd June 1898.
Memorial in The Nunnery Chapel, Braddan, Isle of Man -
"To the memory of Charles Francis Goldie Taubman Captain the King's Own Regiment who died whilst on active service at Guloo, West Africa on June 23rd 1898 in the thirty fourth Year of his age. Erected by his brother Officers."

Taylor - Major-General Charles William - Madras Army - died 21st September 1889.
Grave at Dehra Dun -
"Sacred to the memory of Major General Charles William Taylor, Madras retired list (late 13th M.N.I.) who fell asleep in Jesus at Mussoorie on the 21st September 1889 aged 65 years 7 months 2 days. This monument is erected by his bereaved widow (after 41 years blissful union), his children and grandchildren."

Taylor - Lieutenant-Colonel James - 48th Foot - died 10th August 1829.
Grave at Bellary Cantonment Cemetery, Bellary -
"Lieut-Colonel James Taylor, H.M.’s 48th Regiment, died 10th August 1829, aged 46 years."

Taylor - Major-General John Lewis - Bengal Army - died 25th June 1879.
Grave at Dehra Dun -
"Sacred to the memory of Major General John Lewis Taylor retired First Bengal Army who departed this life at Dehra Doon on 25th June 1879 aged 72 years and 10 months."

Taylor - General Reynell George, CB, CSI - died 28th February 1886.
Son of Major-General Thomas William Taylor, CB (served at Waterloo). Born at Brighton, Sussex, 25th January 1822. Served Punniar 1843 (star), Sutlej 1845 (medal, wounded), Punjab 1848 (medal and bar), Mahsud-Waziri 1860 (medal and bar), Umbeyla 1863 (bar), CSI 1866. Married Anne Holdesworth at Widdicombe, Devonshire, 14th December 1854.
Window in Christ Church, Hoshiarpur -
"To the glory of God and in memory of General Reynell George Taylor CB, CSI. This window was erected by George Knox 1887."
Tablet at Lahore Cathedral - "In memory of General Reynell George Taylor, C.B., C.S.I. Born at Brighton, January 25 1822. Died at Newton Abbot, South Devon, February 28 1886. A Cavalry Officer of the Indian Army. Early tried in war, in the Gwalior campaign, 1843; and on the Sutlej, 1845, he was chosen in 1846 for civil duty in the Punjab as one of the Assistants to the Resident at Lahore. the wisdom, courage, and firmness with which, while still a young Lieutenant and alone, he controlled a Frontier District during the rising of the Sikh army in 1848, marked his whole after service on the same Frontier, when the Punjab had become a British province. In daily life, calm in spirit, gentle in speech, loving peace. In the field, aginst disturbers of the border, firm of purpose, self-reliant, fearless. His strength was quietness and confidence in peace and war alike. Ever earnest in seeking the welfare of the people of India, he longed for their acceptance of the Christian faith, and, himself furnished means to set on foot a Mission to the people of the Frontier Tribes whom he had ruled and loved. Indian people of all degrees, among whom he lived, as well as his own countrymen, honoured his Christian zeal and devotion no less than his manly upright life. After serving as Commissioner successively of the Derajat, Peshawar, Ambala, and Amritsar Divisions, he retired in 1877; and at home, as in India, had lived, leaning on Christ. This memorial is erected by his friends and comrades."

Taylor - Lieutenant Robert Thomas - 45th Bengal Native Infantry - died 6th September 1856.
Son of Captain Robert Taylor (56th N.I.)
Grave at Ferozepore -
"Sacred to the memory of Lt. R. T. Taylor 45th Regt N.I. who departed this life at Ferozepore on the 6th September 1856. aged 23 years. Erected by his brother officers as a mark of their regard."

Teape - Captain Cyrud Charles Tulloh - 1/26th Punjabis - died 26th April 1920.
Grave at Peshawar -
"In loving memory of Cyrud Charles Tulloh Teape. Captain 1st/26th Punjabis. Died Peshawar 26th April 1920. Aged 23 years."

Telford - 2nd Lieutenant Carmont Owen - 1/35th Sikhs - died 7th February 1919.
Grave at Peshawar -
"2nd Lieutenant Carmont Owen Telford 1st/35th Sikhs. Son of Alfred and Edith Telford, Orston, Notts, England. Died 7th February 1919."

Temple - Lieutenant Vere De Lone - 19th Hussars - died 23rd August 1892.
Memorial in Holy Trinity Church, Bangalore -
"Erected in Memory of Vere-De-Lone Temple , Lieut. 19th (P.W.O.) Hussars who died at Bangalore 23 August, 1892, by his Brother Officers."

Tench - Captain John Humphrey - 87th Foot - died December 1851.
Grave at Hamilton's Graveyard, Queenston, Canada -
"Here lies buried Capt. John Humphrey Tench, late of H.M. 87th and 61st Regts., who died Xmas, 1851, also Maria Tench, wife of above."

Tennant - Colonel Sir James, KCB - Bengal Artillery - died 6th March 1854.
Son of William Tennant, of Glasgow. Born in Ayr, 21 April 1789. Served South Africa 1806, Nepal 1815 (medal and bar), Mahratta-Pindari war 1817, Bhurtpore 1825 (bar), Maharajpoor 1843 (star), Punjab 1848 (medal and 2 bars, CB), KCB 1852. Married Elizabeth Pattenson at Calcutta, 7th April 1828.
Grave at Lahore -
"Sacred to the memory of Colonel Sir James Tennant, KCB, Bengal Artillery who died at Lahore on the 6th March 1854 aged 63 years 11 months."

Ternan - General Augustus Henry - Bengal Staff Corps - died 23rd December 1893.
2nd Lt. 1839. Lt. Col. 1865. Major-General 1881. Served in Bundlecund 1842-3. Sutlej Campaign 1846 (medal); Punjab Campaign 1849 (medal, MID); Indian Mutiny 1857-8 (medal & clasp, MID)
Ternan - Lieutenant Arthur - HMS Captain - died 7th September 1870.
Ternan - Captain Alexander - 42nd Gurkha Light Infantry - died 11th August 1893.
Memorial at St. Mary the Virgin, Spreen, Berkshire -
"To the glory of God and in memory of General Augustus Henry Ternan Bengal Staff Corps Born 18th September 1817. Died 23rd December 1893. And of his two sons Lieut. Arthur O.R. Breffney Ternan Royal Navy Born 2nd July 1849 Lost in Her Majesty's Ship "Captain" 7th September 1870 and Captain & Brevet Colonel Alexander Gore Breffney Ternan Comdg 42nd Goorka Light Infantry Born 23rd May 1855. Died 11th August 1893."

Terraneau - Major William Henry - 24th Bengal Native Infantry - died 11th October 1843.
Son of William Terraneau, of Calcutta. Born in Calcutta, 17th December 1791. Served Nepal 1814. Married Sophia Christiana at Barrackpore, 9th January 1823.
Grave at Karnal -
"Sacred to the memory of Bt Major W.H. Terraneau 24th N.I. who died at Gorounda Oct 11th 1843 deeply lamented."

Thackwell - Major Charles Joseph, D.S.O. - 18th Hussars - died 5th November 1933.
Grave at Northam cemetery, Devon -
"In loving memory of Charles Joseph Thackwell D.S.O. Maj. 18th Queen Mary's Own Hussars of Hanley - Bideford. Born Oct. 17th 1870, Died Nov. 5th 1933."

Thackwell - General Joseph Edwin, C.B. - 22nd Foot - died 14th January 1900.
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"In memory of my beloved husband General Joseph Edwin Thackwell, C.B. Late 90th and 22nd Regiments. Died January 14th 1900."

Thatcher - Major-General Torin - Bombay Army - died 6th October 1903.
Grave at Murree -
"Sacred to the memory of Major General Torin Thatcher Retd Bombay Army. born April 13th 1827 died Octbr 6th 1903. His end was peace."
Tablet in Christ Church, Rawalpindi -
"Sacred to the memory of Major General Torin Thatcher of the Indian Army who died at Murree on the 6th October 1903 in the 77th year of his age. This tablet is placed here by friends of the late General as a token of their respect and esteem."

Thomas - Captain Charles Whiteman - 21st Hussars - died 28th June 1867.
Served Mutiny 1857 (medal). Grave at Simla -
"In memory of Charles Whiteman Thomas Captain H.M. 21st Hussars. Only son of Honoratius Leigh Thomas and Sophia Boydell his wife. Of Bryn Elwy Flintshire. who died at Simla 28th June 1867. In the 27th year of his age."

Thomas - Captain Francis - 73rd Bengal Native Infantry - died 30th June 1842.
Grave at Rajpura cemetery, Delhi -
"To the memory of Captain F. Thomas, 73rd Regt N.I. his brother officers, in testimony of regard, erected this stone. Obt. June 30th 1842. Aetat 38."

Thomas - Lieutenant Francis Henry - 48th Bengal Native Infantry - died 21st April 1844.
Son of Major Robert Arding Thomas (48th N.I.). Born at Agra, 17th August 1819. Served Ghuzni 1839 (medal).
Grave at Ludhiana -
"Sacred to the memory of Francis Henry Thomas Lieutenant & Adjutant 48 regt N.I. died at Loodiana 21st April 1844 aged 25 years. This monument was erected by his brother officers as a tribute of friendship and regard."

Thomas - Captain George Huddlestine - 7th Madras Light Cavalry - died 5th March 1834.
Grave at Bellary Cantonment Cemetery, Bellary -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain George Huddlestine Thomas, commanding 7th Regt, Light Cavalry, who was killed by a fall from his horse on the morning of the 5th March 1834, aged 37 years.  This tomb was erected over his remains by the officers of the Regt., as a mark of their esteem and regard."

Thomas - Ensign Mark - 98th Foot - died 1866.
Grave at Jordan Station, Ancaster, Canada -
"Sacred to the memory of Mark Thomas, Ensign of the late 98th Regt. of Foot, died 1866, aged 72. A native of Co. Galway, Ireland. Jane Seymour, much beloved wife of Mark Thomas, a native of Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, Ireland, died 1862, aged 56."

Thomas - Lieutenant-Colonel Mills - 46th Native Infantry - died 10th May 1828.
Grave at Calcutta -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant-Colonel Mills Thomas 46th Regt. N. Infantry, who departed this life on the 10th May 1828, aged 44 years."

Thompson - General Charles - 9th Bombay Infantry - died 12th May 1895
Served in Southern Mahratta Campaign 1844-45, wounded at Seevapore; Persian Campaign 1856-7 (medal & clasp); Indian Mutiny 1857, capture of Kolapoor (medal?)
Memorial at St Nicholas Church, Longparish, Hampshire -
"To the dear memory of General Charles Thompson Indian Staff Corps late Commandant HM IXth Regt. Bombay Infantry youngest son of the late Rear Admiral John Rawlins Thompson RN of Longparish. Born 30th Jan. 1824 Fell asleep 12th May 1895 at Bedford."

Thompson - Captain Henry - 66th Foot - died 9th November 1842.
Born in White Park, Co. Fermanagh, 1783.
Grave at Clifton Street Graveyard, Belfast -
"In memory of Henry Thompson esq late Captain of the 66th Regiment he died at Belfast where he held the post of Barrack Master on the 9th day of November 1842."

Thompson - Julius William - 1st West India Regiment - died 12th January 1851.
Memorial at Christ Church Cathedral, Nassau, Bahamas -
"Julius William Thompson of the 1st West India Regiment, died 12th January 1851, on his passage to England in the American ship "Franconia" wrecked off Holyhead. He, the commander and five of the crew perished. Erected by his parents Joseph and Mary E. Thompson to their youngest son born 17th August 1829."

Thompson - Lieutenant Quintin Hamilton - 12th Foot - died 25th August 1877.
Grave at Jammu -
"The memory of Quintin Hamilton Thompson Lt. 12th Regt. Died at Lidhrari August 25th 1877 Aged 23 years. Most deeply loved."

Thomson - Captain Francis Ringler - 29th Bengal Native Infantry - died 12th August 1862.
Grave at Dehra Dun -
"Captain Francis Ringler Thomson, late 29th Regiment Bengal N.I. Died 12th August 1862 aged 36 years."

Thomson - Lieutenant James - 72nd Foot - died 3rd May 1871.
Served Mutiny 1857 (medal and bar).
Grave at Ambala cemetery -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut and Adjt James Thomson late of the 72nd Duke of Albanys Highlanders who was killed at Umballa on the 3rd May 1871 by a fall from his horse on parade aged 48 years. erected by his brother officers as a tribute of esteem for his amiability of character and in recognition of a faithful discharge of duty in the regt during a service of 30 years."

Thomson - Assistant-Surgeon James - 44th Foot - died 5th October 1854.
Memorial at Forres Castle, Cromarty -
"To the memory of Assistant-Surgeon James Thomson, born at Cromarty on the 8th March, 1823, and deceased in the Crimea on the 5th October, 1854.   He was with the 44th Regiment in Malta in 1850 when the cholera broke out and shortly proved fatal to all surgeons of the corps, himself alone excepted. The skill, fortitude, and humanity displayed by him in arresting the progress of that disease gained for him the praise of the Commander-in Chief.   He was present with the same regiment at the Battle of Alma in 1854, and a few days afterwards, when the British were leaving the field, he volunteered to remain behind with seven hundred desparately wounded Russians. Isolated from his countrymen, endangered by the vicinity of large bodies of Cossacks, ill supplied with food, and exposed to the risk of pestilence, he succeeded in restoring to health about four hundred of the enemy and embarking them for Odessa.  He then died from the effects of excessive hardship and privation. This public monument is erected as a tribute of respect for the virtue of an officer whose life was useful and whose death was glorious"

Thomson - Captain John - 69th Foot - died 31st October 1823.
Grave at Inveresk Kirkyard, Scotland -
"Sacred to the memory of John Thomson, late Captain of the 69th Regiment of Foot, who died 31st Oct. 1823, aged 82 years."

Thomson - Surgeon John - 69th Foot - died 18th September 1850.
Monument in Upper Barrakka Gardens, Malta -
" To the memory of John Thomson M.D. Surgeon of H.B. Majesty's 69th Regt. who died at Valletta Malta on the 18th Septr 1850 aged 36 years. This monument has been erected by the Officers Non Commd Officers and Soldiers of the Corps to testify their universal affection and esteem. He fell a sacrifice to his unshrinkable fidelity in the discharge of duty during the prevalence of cholera in Malta MDCCL."
(thanks to Denis Darmanin, Malta, for the inscription)

Thorpe - Captain R.D. - 12th Madras Native Infantry -
died 17th September 1873.
Memorial at St. Mary's Church, Vizianagram -
"In memory of R.D. Thorpe, Esqre. Captain M.S.C. Wing Subaltern 12th Regt. N.I. who died 17th September 1873, aged 35 years. This tablet is erected by his brother officers."

Thuiller - Lieutenant D'Arcy Wentworth - 17th Bengal Cavalry - died 13th June 1881.
Grave at Dehra Dun -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut. D'Arcy Wentworth Thuiller 17th Bengal Cavalry. Adjutant of Viceroy's Bodyguard, son of General Sir Henry Landor Thuiller CSI late Royal Artillery and Surveyor General of India. Born 10th May 1850. Died at Dehra Dun 13th June 1881."

Thursby - Captain Piers - 9th Lancers - died May 1904.
Memorial at St. Paul's Church, Broadwell, Glos. -
"To the glory of God and in loving memory of Piers Thursby of Broadwell Hill, J.P. Gloucestershire. Born 30 Nov. 1834. Died May 1904. Son of Revd. W. Thursby of Ormerod House, Lancashire. Late Cap. 9th Lancers with whom he served during the Indian Mutiny 1857-59 was present at the siege and taking of Lucknow, Capture of Bareilly, actions at Shahjehanpore, Shumshabad and other engagements."

Tickell - Captain Eustace Asburner - 68th Light Infantry - died 2nd July 1877.
Son of Lt-General Richard Tickell, CB (Bengal Engineers. see below).
Grave at St. Peter's Church, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Glos -
"Also of his son Eustace Asburner Tickell, A Capt. in HM 68th Regt of Light Infantry. Born on the 8th March 1851, Died on the 2nd July 1877 at Sunderland in the County of Durham."

Tickell - Lieutenant-General Richard, CB - Bengal Engineers - died 3rd August 1855.
Grave at St. Peter's Church, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Glos -
"Here lieth the body of Richard Tickell, Lieut General late of the Bengal Engineers, Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Bath. Born on the 10th September 1875, Died on the 3rd August 1855 at Ravensworth, Cheltenham. Also of Margaret Scott, relict of the said General Tickell, CB. Born on the 2nd July 1815. Died on the 15th February 1882 at Ravensworth, Cheltenham."

Tickell - Colonel Samuel Richard - Bengal Army - died 20th April 1875.
Served 31st Native Infantry.
Grave at St. Peter's Church, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Glos. -
"In loving memory of Colonel Samuel Richard Tickell, Bengal Army. Born 1811. Died at Cheltenham 20 April 1875. And of Maria Georginana, his wife, born 1825. Died at Ealing 23 June 1918. Also to the memory of their grandson Captain Templer Henry Scott, 87 Punjabis, who fell in action on 26 April 1915 near Ypres and was buried on the field of battle, aged 31 years."

Tighe - Surgeon James Lowery - 12th Lancers - died 1st February 1868.
Grave at St. Anne's Church, Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland -
"James Lowery Tighe, MRCSE, RFCSE, was born in Ballyshannon 26th August, 1793. After upwards of 30 years military service abroad and at home, he settled in his native town as a retired surgeon of the 12th Royal Lancers and died on the 1st of February 1868."

Timins - Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Charles - 70th Foot - Died 6th February 1859.
Grave at Multan -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut Colonel Thomas Charles Timins of Her Majesty's 70th foot who died at Muehdoompore on the 6th February 1859 in the 44th year of his age. this tablet is erected by his brother officers in token of their regard and etseem."

Tod - Captain Alexander George - 1st Madras Light Cavalry - died 4th December 1902.
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"Alexander George Tod. Formerly Captain 1st Madras Light Cavalry. Born June 18th 1825. Died at Clifton December 4th 1902."

Todd - Captain Duncan Elphinstone - 37th Foot - died October 1837.
Memorial at
Drummondville Church, Niagara, Canada - "Sacred to the memory of Duncan Elphinstone Todd, Esq., late a Captain in Her Majesty's 37th Regt. of Foot, who died Oct. 1837, aged 30 years."

Tomkinson - Colonel Edward - 8th Hussars - died 14th May 1870.
Crimean medal (4 clasps), 5th class Medjidie.
Memorial at Acton St. Mary's Church, near Nantwich, Cheshire -
"In Memory of Colonel Edward Tomkinson of Reaseheath born 11th July 1825, died 14th May 1870 He served in the 8th Hussars for 15 years, and was with that regiment throughout the campaigns of 1854 to 1856 in Turkey and the Crimea."

Tottenham - Captain James Loftus - 22nd Punjab Infantry -
died 11th January 1922.
Grave at Peshawar -
"In loving memory of James Loftus Tottenham, Captain XXII Punjabis and Mohmand Militia, of The Grange, Moy, County Tyrone, Ireland. Died 11th January 1922. Aged 24 years."
Memorial in St. John's Church, Peshawar -
"In memory of Captain James Loftus Tottenham. 22nd Punjabis. Attached Mohmand Militia. Accidentally killed at Sadarghari Camp near Shabkadr Fort on 11th January 1922."

Tottenham - Major John Loftus - 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry - died 29th May 1847.
Son of Henry Loftus Tottenham. Born 24th May 1804.
His brother, Major Robert Loftus Tottenham, Royal Artillery (died 1872 - below). Served Bhurtpore 1825, Ghuzni 1839 (medal). Married Isabella Gordon, 14th October 1833.
Grave at Ferozepore -
"Sacred to the memory of Brevet Major John Loftus Tottenham 3rd Regiment Bengal Lt Cavalry who departed this life on the 29th May 1847, aged 43 years."

Tottenham - Major Robert Loftus - Royal Artillery - died 12th August 1872.
Son of Rev. Robert Loftus Tottenham (Chaplain, H.M. Legation, Florence). Born 2nd October 1834. Married Mary Harvey, 9th November 1864. His brother, Major John Loftus Tottenham, 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry (died 1847 - above).
Grave at Ferozepore -
"Sacred to the memory of Robert Loftus Tottenham Royal Artillery who died at Ferozepore the 12th August 1872, aged 37 years."

Townley - Colonel Dawson - Gordon Highlanders - died 15th April 1922.
Grave at Northam cemetery, Devon -
"Dawson Townley (Colonel) Late Gordon Highlanders. Died April 15th 1922 Aged 87. God's Soldier & Servant."
Memorial at Northam church, Devon - "To the Glory of God and in memory of my dear husband Dawson Townley Colonel Late Gordon Highlanders Born July 26th 1834 Died April 15th (Easter Eve) 1922."

Tracy - Major Algernon Henry Charles Hanbury, CMG - Royal Horse Guards - died 3rd December 1914.
Born 11th April 1871. Son of Baron Sudeley.
Memorial at St. Andrew's Church, Toddington -
"To the memory of Major the Hon. Algernon Henry Charles Hanbury-Tracy, C.M.G. Royal Hosre Guards. Second son of the 4th Baron Sudeley. Born 11th April 1871. He served in Uganda 1897-9, S. Africa 1899-1900. Abyssinia 1901. Died while serving with his Regiment 3rd December 1914. Aged 44 years."

Tracy - Captain Michael David Charles Hanbury - Scots Guards - died of wounds 2nd August 1940.
Memorial at St. Andrew's Church, Toddington -
"To the beloved memory of Michael David Charles Hanbury-Tracy Capt. Scots Guards who died on August 21st 1940 of wounds received at Dunkirk."

Tracy - Major Richard Algernon Frederick - Royal Horse Guards - died 20th April 1911.
Born 20th April 1871. Son of Algernon and Sylvia Hanburt-Tracy.
Memorial at St. Andrew's Church, Toddington -
"To the memory of Richard Algernon Frederick 6th Baron Sudeley, Major Royal Horse Guards only son of the Hon. Algernon Henry Charles Hanbury-Tracy and Sylvis his wife. Born 20th April 1911. Died on active service 26th August 1941. Aged 30 years."

Trafford - Major Edward Le Marchant - 5th Northumberland Fusiliers - died 9th January 1888.
Grave at Rawalpindi -
"Edward Le Marchant Trafford, Major 5th Northumberland Fusiliers. Son of the late Major General T.S. Trafford, who died Rawalpindi 9th January 1888. Aged 42 years."

Trapaud - Lieutenant Cyrus Edward - Madras Engineers - died 6th December 1813.
Superintending Engineer of the station and son of Major-General Elisha Trapaud, Chief Engineer to the Madras Government. Cyrus Trapaud, his uncle, was Colonel of the 52nd Foot.
Grave at Bellary Cantonment Cemetery, Bellary -
"Lieut. Cyrus Edward Trapaud, of Engineers, died 6th Decr 1813, aged 24 years."

Travers - Colonel Eaton Aylmer - 1/2nd Gurkha Rifles - died 9th November 1899.
His father was killed during the Indian Mutiny before his birth. Served Afghanistan 1879 (medal and 2 bars, star), Tirah 1897 (medal and bar, MID). Grave at Dehra Dun -
"Colonel Eaton Aylmer Travers Commandant 1st Battalion 2nd Prince of Wales Gurkhas. Born 8th November 1857, Died 9th November 1899."

Travers - Lieutenant Henry Millet - 8th Bengal Native Infantry - died 16th August 1842.
Grave at Ferozepore -
"To the memory of Lieut. Henry Millet Travers, 8th Bengal Infantry, who died at Ferozepore August 16th 1842. This monument was erected by his brother officers of the 1st Light Infantry Battalion (at their particular request) by those of the 8th Regiment, as a token of their esteem and regard."

Trench - Lieutenant Henry William Bloomfield - Oxfordshire Light Infantry - died 29th January 1898.
Grave at Peshawar -
"In memory of Henry William Bloomfield Trench. Lieutenant. 2nd Battalion Oxfordshire Light Infantry who died at Landikotal on 29th January 1898. Aged 24 years. Erected by his brother officers."

Trevor - Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Andrew - Royal Engineers - died 5th December 1886.
Son of Edward Taylor Trevor (Bengal Civil Service). Born at Hughli, Bengal, 14th April 1839.
Grave at Ambala cemetery -
"Sacred to the memory of Lieut-Colonel Edward Andrew Trevor Royal Engineers who died at Umballa December 5th 1886, aged 47."

Trimmer - Major Francis - 50th Bengal Native Infantry - died 10th May 1848.
Married Laura Thompson at Battersea, Surrey, 28th March 1843.
Grave at Simla -
"Sacred to the memory of Bt Major Francis Trimmer 50th N.I. who departed this life on the 10th May 1848."

Tritton - Surgeon Edmund, CB - H.E.I.C.S. - died 15th June 1858.
Served Punjab 1848 (medal and 2 bars). Married Harriette Tritton at Cawnpore, 8th February 1828.
Grave in Simla -
"Sacred to the memory of Edmund Tritton, CB, Surgeon H.E.I.C.S. Inspector General of Hospitals. Died 15th June 1858 aged 55 years."

Tritton - Colonel John - 24th Light Dragoons - died 24th February 1830.
Grave at Cawnpore -
"Sacred to the memory of Col John Tritton late a Captain in Hs Ms 24 Regt of Light Dragoons who departed this life on the 24th Feb in the year of our Lord 1830."

Trotter - Lieutenant Alexander James - Bengal Artillery - died 4th October 1856.
Born 10th March 1833.
Grave at Rawalpindi -
"Here rest the beloved remains of Alexander James Trotter, Lieutenant Bengal Artillery, second son of the late Archibald Trotter Esquire, of Dreghorn, Scotland. He was drowned in crossing the Jhelum on the 4th October 1856 in the 24th year of his age. This stone is erected by his widowed mother, and his sorrowing relations in England."
Tablet in Christ Church, Rawalpindi - "Sacred to the memory of 2nd Lieutenant Alexander James Trotter of the Bengal Artillery drowned while crossing the river Jhelum near Katai on the 4th October 1856 aetat 23."

Trotter - Captain Gilbert Ralph Abercromby John - 56th Punjab Rifles - died 4th January 1913.
Grave at Rawalpindi -
"Captain Gilbert Ralph Abercromby John Trotter. 56th Punjab Rifles, Frontier Force. Second son of Colonel Trotter of Colinton, Midlothian. Born 28th January 1880. Died 4th January 1913."

Trotter - Lieutenant T.R. - Tank Corps - died 24th April 1927.
Grave at Cheltenham Borough Cemetery, Gloucestershire -
"Lieutenant T.R. Trotter, Tank Corps. Died 24 April 1927. Aged 50."

Trotter - Lieutenant William Lockett - 45th Bengal Native Infantry - died 25th August 1857.
Memorial at Christ Church, Cheltenham -
"Sacred to the memory of Lt William Lockett Trotter, Adjutant 45th Regt Bengal Native Infantry, who died at Landour on the 35th day of Aug. 1857, aged 27 yrs and 11 months. This tribute is erected to the memory of a very dear friend by his brother officers."

Troup - Lieutenant-General Colin, CB -
died 19th March 1876.
Served Ghuzni 1839 (medal), Afghanistan 1842 (medal), Sutlej 1845 (medal).
Grave at Meerut -
"Lieut General Colin Troup CB Born 1 November 1805. Died at Meerut 19 March 1876."

Troup - Major William Alexander - 15th Bengal Native Infantry - died 5th October 1846.
Son of John Troup, of Fir Hall, Co. Nairn. Born in 1801.
Grave at Mukerian -
"Sacred to the memory of William Alexander Troup late a Major in the 15th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry who departed this life on the 5th October 1846 in the 45th year of his age. This stone is erected by his affectionate & sorrowing brothers Hugh, Colin, and Robert."

Tucker - Lieutenant Thomas Tudor - 58th Bengal Native Infantry - died 28th May 1859.
Born at Jaunpur, 31st January 1840.
Grave at Cashmere Gate cemetery, Delhi -
"In memory of Lieut. T. Tudor Tucker, of the late 58th N.I. Second son of the late Henry St. George Tucker Esq of the Bengal Civil Service who departed this life May 28th 1859, aged 19 years."

Turner - Lieutenant Frederick McCombe - 29th Bengal Native Infantry - died 14th January 1856.
Son of Thomas Jacob Turner (Bengal Civil Service). Born at Saharanpur, 1828. Served Punjab 1848 (medal).
Tablet in St. Luke's Church, Jullundur - "Sacred to the memory of Lieut Frederick McCombe Turner of the 29th regiment N.I. who died at Bombay on the 14th January 1856 aged 27 years. also to Lieutenant Kenneth Donald John Campbell of the same corps who died near Shahpore in the Punjab on the 12th July 1856 aged 25 years. This tablet is erected by their brother officers as a memento of the high esteem and regard in which they were universally held in the regiment."

Turner - Captain James William Hickey - 59th Bengal Native Infantry - died 15th April 1854.
Born at Calcutta 30 Nov. 1799, son of Benjamin (atty to the Supreme Court in Calcutta) and Finella Turner. Ensign 1818. Captain 1826. Invalided 1833. Retired 1852.
Grave at St. Andrew's churchyard, Clifton, Bristol - "Sacred to the dearly beloved memory of James William Hickey Turner Capt. in the H.E.I.C.S. formerly 59th Regiment Bengal N.I. He departed this life at Clifton on the 15th of April 1854 Aged 54. This tomb is erected by his most fondly attached sister H.E. who deeply sorrows his irreperable loss."

Turner - Major-General Samuel Compton - Royal Engineers - died 31st December 1900.
Born 29th September 1845.
Tablet in Christ Church, Simla -
"In memory of Major General Samuel Compton Turner, Director General of Military Works, who died at Bombay on 31st December 1900, after 32 years service in India. Erected by his brother officers of the Royal Engineers as a token of their esteem."

Turner - Major William - 50th Foot - died 17th June 1841.
Served Peninsula War (severely wounded).
Grave at Bhowanipore -
"To the memory of Major William Turner, H.M. 50th Regt. who died when embarked for England off Fort William, on the 17th June 1841, aged 48 years. This monument is erected by his brother officers, to mark their esteem for their much lamented friend, and their sense of his gallant and distinguished services during a period of 34 years, in Holland, Portugal and Spain, and particularly at the battles of Roleia, Vimiera, Corunna, the siege of Flushing and battles of Fuentes D'Onor, Arroya De molino, Almarez, Albadetormoa, Baighar and Vittoria, where he lost his right arm. He also served for many long and trying years in the West Indies and New South Wales."

Turner - Colonel Sir William West, KCSI, CB - Royal Fusiliers - died 9th July 1871.
Served China (26th Foot, medal), Ceylon (15th Foot, Kandian Rebellion 1848), Crimea (7th Fusiliers, wounded. medal & clasp, CB, Legion d'honeur, Order of Medjidie 5th class). Indian Mutiny (medal & clasps?)
Memorial in Royal Garrison Church, Portsmouth -
"The reredos in this church is erected to the glory of god and in memory of Colonel & Brigadier General Sir William West Turner KCSI, CB of Her Majesty's Royal Fusiliers and 97th Regiment. A distinquished soldier whose military talents were conspicuously brought to notice during the war in the Crimea and in China and in the Indian Mutiny of 1857-58 merited the special approbation of Her Majesty. He died at Naples July 9th 1871 after a service of 30 years. To his comrades and the many friends who mourn his loss he has left the noble example of a Christian soldier a gentle upright honourable man."

Turney - Lieutenant John - Royal American Regiment (Butler's Rangers) -
Father of Captain George Turney, Lincoln Militia, who was killed at Chippawa 5th July 1814.
Grave at Turney Graveyard, near St. Catharines , Canada -
"John Turney, Lieutenant in Butler's Rangers, born in Co. Down, Ireland; 1744, enlisted in King's 8th Regt., served as sergeant in Germany and America, and promoted to Butler's Rangers."

Turton - Colonel Joseph -  Bengal Horse Artillery - died 17th August 1858.
Born at
Chepstow, 2 Sept. 1803. Son of Zouch & Mary Turton (brother of Capt. Zouch Henry Turton). 2md Lt. 1820. Colonel 1856. Served First Burma War 1824-5. Shekhawat expedition 1834. Sutlej War (medal & clasp), Second Burma War 1852-3. Pegu (medal & clasp).
Memorial at Christ Church, Cheltenham - "Dedicated by his widow to the memory of Col. Joseph Turton of the Bengal Horse Artillery, who departed this life on board the steamer Hindostan in the Red Sea, Aug. 17 1858, aged 54 years. Also in memory of his two infant children who died in India. Henry Zouch, June 19 1847, aged 15 days. And Mary Dora, August 8th 1855, aged 5 months. Also in memory of Marie, widow of the above Col J. Turton, who fell asleep 6th March 1875."

Turton - Captain Samuel - 66th Foot -
died 22nd November 1816.
Memorial at St. James church St. Helena -
"Sacred To the memory Of the late Samuel Turton Esquire Captain 2nd Battn., 66th Regt. Who departed this life 22nd. November 1816, Aged 32 years."

Turton - Captain Zouch Henry - 15th Bengal Native Infantry - died 29th September 1835.
Born at Chepstow, 2 April 1799. Son of Zouch & Mary Turton (brother of Colonel Joseph Turton). Ensign 1818. Captain 1832. Served at Bhurtpore. Married Ann Crump at Asirgarh, 11th October 1823.
Grave at Simla -
"Sacred to the memory of Captain Zouch Henry Turton, 15th Regt of Native Infantry who departed this life on the 29th of September 1835 Aged 36 years. And of his infant daughter deceased the 13th July of the same year aged 8 days."

Tweed - Lieutenant Frederick - 21st Foot - died 24th August 1866.
Grave at Ramandroog, India -
"Frederick Tweed Lieutenant in  H.M. 21st R.N.B. Fusiliers Who died at Ramadroog on the 24th day of August 1866 Aged 25 years."  

Tyler - Lieutenant George Sotheby - 61st Foot - died 5th September 1857.
Sevrved Mutiny 1857.
Grave in Rajpura cemetery, Delhi -
"Sacred to the memory of ...Lt G.S. Tyler HM 61st regt died of cholera in camp before Delhi Sept 5th 1857 aged 31 years .... sincerely regretted by their brother officers by whom this tablet is erected."

Tytler - Captain George Alexander - 53rd Foot - died 8th March 1851.
Son of Surgeon Robert Tytler (Bengal Medical Service). Born 1814. Served Ghuzni 1839 (medal), Afghanistan 1842 (medal), Sutlej 1845 (medal and bar). Married Ellen Squire at Agra, 14th October 1835.
Grave at Jullundur -
"Sacred to the memory of George Alex. Tytler late Captain of H.Ms 53rd Foot and Assistant Commissioner in the Punjab. He departed this life at Jullundur on the 8th of March 1851 in the 37th year of his age. Publickly his loss has been great to the Government. He was ever zealous and active in the discharge of his duties. Most truly upright and conscientious, emulating the bright example of his father, the celebrated Dr. Robert Tytler of the Bengal Medical Establishment."

Tytler - Colonel John Adam, CB, VC - 4th Gurkha Rifles - died 14th February 1880.
Son of Surgeon John Tytler (Bengal Medical Service). Born at Monghyr, Bengal, 29th October 1825. Served Jowaki 1853 (medal and bar), Mutiny 1857 (medal, VC), Umbeyla 1863 (bar), Hazara 1868 (bar), Lushai 1871 (bar, CB), Afghanistan 1878. Married Adeladie Ross at Naini Tal, 5th June 1858.
Grave at Kohat -
"In memoriam Col. J.A. Tytler C.B. V.C. commdt 4th Gurkha Regt Brigr Genl Commdg 3rd Infantry Brigade Kuram Division Kohat Field Force. Died Febry 14th 1880 at Thull Kuram Valley."

Tytler - Colonel Robert Christopher - Bengal Army - died 10th September 1872.
Son of Surgeon Robert Tytler (Bengal Medical Service). Born at Allahabad, 1817. Served Afghanistan 1842 (medal), Mutiny 1857 (medal and bar). Married Harriet Earle at Lucknow, 2nd March 1848. (his second marriage).
Grave at Simla -
"Sacred to the memory of Colonel Robert Christopher Tytler Bengal Army who died at Simla on the 10th Septr 1872 aged 54 years and 11 months."