Officers Killed - Punniar

PUNNIAR - 29th December 1843

Captain George Geddes Mckenzie Cobban - 50th Foot

Captain Richard N. Magrath - 3rd Foot

Captain Donald Stewart - 3rd Foot

MAHARAJPORE - 29th December 1843

Ensign Theodore David Bray - 39th Foot
Memorial at All Saints Royal Garrison Church, Aldershot -
"Sacred to the memory of Colonel Edward William Bray, CB who served with the 67th Regiment through the Maharatta Campaign of 1817 and 1818, and at the siege and capture of Amulnair, Ryghur, and Asseeghur. He afterwards served with the 31st Regiment for 17 years, and was with the right wing on board the Kent Indiamen when she was burnt in the Bay of Biscay on the 1st of March 1825. He commanded the 39th Regiment at the Battle of Maharajpore on the 23rd December 1843, and was desperately wounded in the last battery taken on that day, which was stormed by his regiment with the terrible loss in killed and wounded of 300 officers and men. He died on the 3rd December 1859, aged 74 years. Also to the memory of Ensign Theodore David Bray, his son, who at the age of 19 years fell while gallantly carrying the Regimental Colour of the 39th at the Battle of Maharajpore. Also to that of Belinda Bray, wife of Col. E.W. Bray, who died at Brighton on the 2nd March 1872, aged 74."

Major-General Charles Horace Churchill, CB - 31st Foot

Major George Russell Crommellin, CB - 1st Light Cavalry
Aged 41. Son of Charles (Bengal Civil Service) and Ann. Born at Ghazipur 2 Sept. 1803. Cornet 25 Nov. 1819. Major 12 Nov. 1838. Husband of Johanna Maria. Served in First Afghan War 1842 (Medal). Died of wounds in camp, 1st January 1844. Brother of Lt-Col. James Arden Crommelin, Bengal Engineers.

Lieutenant Henry Stanger Leathes - Bengal Artillery.
Memorial at St. Mary Abbotts, Kensington - "In memoriam, Henry Stanger-Leathes, Lieut. HM Regt Artillery slain in Battle of Maharjpore at the taking of the fortress of Gwalior 29th Decr 1843 aged 24. Buried on the battlefield. Son of Thos Leathes Stanger-Leathes of Dale Head Hall, Thirlmere, Cumberland."
Memorial in St. Stephen's Church, Dum Dum - "In memory of Henry Stanger Leathes, Lieut. Artillery, Maharajpore, 29th December 1843."

Lieutenant Charles Newton - 16th Native Infantry
Memorial in Trinity Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells - "In memory of Lieut. Charles Newton of the 16th Bengal Grenadiers, fourth son of John Newton of Calarrley Park, Tunbridge Wells, who after four years arduous service in Afghanistan, fell in the hard fought Battle of Maharajpoor in the East Indies on the 19th December 1843, in the 23rd year of his age. Severely wounded in storming the first position of the enemy his ardent courage would not suffer him to leave the field though requested to do so and in leading his company to the assault of their second line he fell pierced with four other balls and died in camp the same evening. His mortal remains were consigned to the earth with military honours on the following day, at the camp of Dunaila, where his brother officers have since erected a monument to his memory."

Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Sanders, CB - Bengal Engineers
Aged 42. Born in Ealing, 27 May 1804, son of Thomas and Rosetta. Ensign 18 May 1821. Lt-Col. 12 Sept. 1843. Served in Afghanistan War 1838-42 (Meda, MIDl; commanded 2 coys Sappers & Miners). CB 27 Dec. 1842. Deputy Sec. Govt. India, Military Department.