Major Robin Nigel Alers-Hankey - Royal Green Jackets - died of wounds 30 Jan. 1972
Died in a London hospital 4 months after being shot in Londonderry; aged 35. Troops had been deployed to protect firemen dealing with a blaze, when he was shot. He left a widow and 2 young sons.

Major Charles Armstrong - Ulster Defence Regiment - 14 Nov. 1983
Killed by a car bomb, Armagh; aged 54 .

Captain Timothy Armstrong - 8th Bn. Ulster Defence Regiment - 16 Jan. 1988
Shot in the back as he walked with his fiancee along the Ormeau Road, they were to marry in July; aged 29. He had served in the Falklands in 1983 with the Royal Irish Rangers.

Lieutenant Simon Bates - 2nd Bn. Parachute Regiment - 1 Jan. 1980
Shot by an army ambush, by accident while on patrol, Armagh; aged 23. From Christchurch, Dorset.

Lieutenant-Colonel David Blair - Queen's Own Highlanders - 27 August 1979
Killed by a bomb at Warren Point, Down; aged 40. (18 soldiers died). "So close was Blair to the explosion that his remains were never found."

Major Bernard Calladene - Royal Army Ordnance Corps (bomb disposal) - 29 March 1972
Killed by a car bomb that he was inspecting, central Belfast; aged 39. Earlier that day he had defused a 150lb bomb at Belfast Magistrates Court. From Strensall, Yorkshire. He was buried at York. He left a widow and 3 children.

Colonel Mark Coe, OBE - Royal Engineers - 16 Feb. 1980
Shot at his home, Bielefeld, Germany; aged 44. He was off duty and about to put his car away when he was approached by a man and woman and murdered. He left a widow and 6 children.

Lieutenant-Colonel Ian Corden-Lloyd, OBE, MC - Royal Green Jackets - 17 Feb. 1978
Killed when his Gazelle helicopter crashed after being shot at, Armagh; aged 39. From Hampshire, he left a widow and 3 children. He was awarded the OBE, MC (for Ulster 1972) and a posthumous MID.

Lieutenant Anthony Daly - Blues & Royals - 20 July 1982
Killed by a nail bomb in Hyde Park, London; aged 23. The Blues and Royals were on Ceremonial Duties. 4 soldiers and 7 of their horses were murdered.

Major Michael Dillon-Lee - 32nd Heavy Regiment, Royal Artillery - 2 June 1990
Shot at his home, Dortmund, West Germany; aged 34. From Bournemouth.

Lieutenant Lindsay Dobbie - Royal Army Ordnance Corps - 3 Oct. 1973
Killed by a letter bomb, Londonderry; aged 23. From London. A Jewish officer.

Major Donald Farrell, MBE (retired) - Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - 23 March 1974
Shot while driving to take his dog for a walk, near his home at Mountfield, Glebe, near Omagh; aged 56. Worked as an Army recruiting officer. Joined the army as a boy in 1933, Commissioned 1941, served Korea (MID).

2nd Lieutenant Howard Fawley - Duke of Wellington's Regiment - 25 Jan. 1974
Killed by a landmine while inspecting a hedge near the shores of Lough Neagh; aged 19. From Shipley, Yorkshire.

Major Andrew French, MBE - Royal Anglian Regiment - 22 May 1986
Killed by a bomb, Armagh; aged 35. From Millswood, Suffolk. Awarded the MBE for service in Ulster in 1980.

Major Peter Fursman - 2nd Bn. Parachute Regiment - 27 August 1979
Killed by the 2nd bomb, at Warren Point, Down; aged 35 (18 soldiers died).

2nd Lieutenant Stewart Gardiner - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - 22 Sept. 1972
Shot when investigating wires at the border, at Drumuckaval, Armagh; aged 22 .While talking to Gardai officers he was shot from south of the border.

Captain Roger Goad - Royal Army Ordnance Corps (bomb disposal) - 29 August 1975
Killed by a bomb, London; aged 40.

Captain Barry S. Griffen - Royal Army Ordnance Corps (bomb disposal) - 20 June 1973
Killed by a bomb, Lecky Road, Londonderry; aged 29. From Darlington, Co. Durham. Married.

Lieutenant Leslie Hamilton - Ulster Defence Regiment - 27 April 1982
Shot at work, delivering bread to a supermarket in the Waterside, Londonderry; aged 37. Married, 2 children.

Captain Gordon Hanna - Ulster Defence Regiment - 29 Nov. 1985
Killed by a car bomb, near his home in Harbour Drive, Kilkeel, Down; aged 46. 4 children.

Captain Charles Henning - Ulster Defence Regiment - 6 Oct. 1978
Shot at work, Down; aged 52.

Captain James Hood - 5th Bn. Ulster Defence Regiment - 4 Jan. 1973
Shot at home, at Straidarran, Londonderry; aged 48. Married, 3 children.

2nd Lieutenant Nicholas Hull - 3rd Bn. Royal Anglian Regt. - 16 April 1972
Shot while on mobile patrol in Durham Street, West Belfast; aged 22. From Ampthill, Bedforshire.

Major Richard Jarman - 11th Field Squadron, Royal Engineers - 20 July 1973
Killed by a bomb, Armagh; aged 37. From Rippon, Yorkshire.

Lieutenant Walter Kerr - Ulster Defence Regiment - 2 Nov. 1977
Killed by a car bomb, Londonderry; aged 34.

Lieutenant Steven Kirby - Royal Welsh Fusiliers - 14 Feb. 1979
Shot, Londonderry; aged 22. From Erith, Kent.

2nd Lieutenant Irwin Long - 11th Bn. Ulster Defence Regtiment - 8 Nov. 1972
Shot, off duty, while driving to collect his 4 year old daughter, Lake Street, Lurgan, Armagh; aged 29. Married, 2 children.

Major William McAlpine - Army Cadet Force - 5 Sept. 1978
Shot, Down; aged 45. Awarded the Cadet Forces Long Service Good Conduct Medal.

Captain Marcus McCausland - Ulster Defence Regiment - 4 March 1972
Abducted and shot while off duty, visiting friends in Donegal; aged 38. A Catholic. He had served in the Irish Guards. Married.

Captain Robert Nairac, GC - Grenadier Guards - 14 May 1977
Abducted (South Armagh) and shot, in Eire. He was working undercover for military intelligence. Awarded a posthumous George Cross.

Captain Anthony Pollen - Coldstream Guards - 14 April 1974
Shot, Londonderry; aged 27. From Sonning, Berkshire.

Major George Shaw - Ulster Defence Regiment - 26 Jan. 1987
Shot at home, Tyrone; aged 57.

Lieutenant Alan Shields - Naval Recruiting Officer - 22 August 1988
Killed by a car bomb, East Belfast; aged 45. From Glasgow.

Captain Eric Shiells - Ulster Defence Regiment - 29 April 1977
Shot at home, Tyrone; aged 49.

Lieutenant Michael Simpson - Staffordshire Regiment - 23 Oct. 1974
Shot, Londonderry; aged 21. From Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex.

Lieutenant Robin Smyrl - Ulster Defence Regiment - 13 Sept. 1977
Shot, Tyrone; aged 25.

Major Jeremy Snow - 2nd Bn. Royal Fusiliers - 8 Dec. 1971
Shot, North Belfast; aged 36.

2nd Lieutenant Andrew Somervell - 16/5th Lancers - 27 March 1973
Killed by a landmine, Tyrone; aged 21. From Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.

Lieutenant-Colonel John Stevenson - CO Army Training Camp, Otterburn - 9 April 1974
Shot at home; aged 53.

Captain David Stewardson - Royal Army Ordnance Corps (bomb disposal) - 9 Sept. 1971
Killed by a bomb, Antrim; aged 29. From Scotland.

Major David Anthony Storrey - 19th Field Regt. Royal Artillery - 14 August 1972
Killed by a bomb while erecting sniper screens, Andersontown district, West Belfast; aged 36. From Ascot, Berkshire. Married, 3 children.

Major Ivan Toombs - Ulster Defence Regiment - 16 Jan. 1981
Shot at work, Down; aged 42.

Captain William David Watson - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - 20 Nov. 1972
Killed by a bomb in a derelict farmhouse, near Cullyhanna, Armagh; aged 28. From Colinton, Edinburgh. His wife was expecting their second child. He had served in Aden and Borneo.

Captain Herbert R. Westmacott, MC - Special Air Service - 2 May 1980
Shot in Antrim Road, North Belfast; aged 28. Awarded a posthumous Military Cross. Married.

Captain Robert Wilkinson - Royal Army Ordnance Corps (bomb disposal) - 23 Sept. 1973
Killed by a bomb, Birmingham, England; aged 30. From Norton-on-Lugg, near Hereford.

Lieutenant Robert Williams-Wynn -14/20th Hussars -14 July 1972
Shot during a gun battle, West Belfast; aged 24. - From Oswestry, Shropshire. Son of Colonel Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, Lord Lieutenant of Denbighshire.

Major Peter Willis - Green Howards - 17 July 1975
Killed by a bomb, Armagh; aged 37.

Lieutenant Joseph Wilson - Ulster Defence Regiment - 26 Oct. 1976
Shot at work, Armagh; aged 53.

Captain John H. Young - Royal Army Ordnance Corps (bomb disposal) - 15 July 1972
Killed while dealing with a bomb, at Silverbridge, near Forkhill, Armagh; aged 22. From Bronsley, near Basingstoke.